My Gen X parents are phone zombies – they’d rather scroll on Instagram than talk to me

webnexttech | My Gen X parents are phone zombies - they'd rather scroll on Instagram than talk to me

At one point or another, most of us feel a little frustrated when it comes to our parents’ habits. Whether it’s teenage annoyance about how strict their rules are, feeling like no matter how hard you try you’ll never live up to their expectations, or feeling stressed about how long it takes for them to send a text. We’ve all been there – it’s normal to feel frustrated from time to time. But what happens when your parents’ behaviour leaves your feeling ‘alone’ and like you have no support system in place? One woman has taken to Reddit to share how much her parents’ thoughtless behaviour is affecting her. She began her post by explaining that her ‘parents are phone zombies’ and how she feels like it’s ‘ruining’ their lives. Read more: ‘My daughter, 6, said something that caused massive family issue – but I won’t correct her’ She said: “my parents are gen x and i am gen z, they are addicted to their phones. when i talk to them they never listen. my mom especially will say her piece and as soon as i start to respond to her she goes on her phone and scrolls through instagram and stops listening. “it’s so frustrating, i want to tell them about my life, things im excited about, and everytime i try they never listen. i am so f****** sick of it.” The hurt woman then goes onto explain that she’s ‘sick of doing everything alone’ and feels like she has ‘no one to talk to’. She said: “Even their brains have rotted from their phone activity, they’re constantly spewing out things they’ve seen from people trying to fear monger online and they can’t even tell what is true and what isn’t. “it takes years off my lifespan to try and have a conversation with my OWN PARENTS. it’s embarrassing and i’m SO F****** SICK OF THIS S***!!!” Reddit users were quick to comment on the post, with some providing messages of comfort and support, while others shared advice for not letting her parents’ behaviour impact her. One Reddit user wrote: “Omg, I’m so sorry OP. I see my wife doing this to my kids sometimes and it makes me cringe. I’m not 100% innocent, but sometimes I have to quick respond to a work text so I tell them to hold the thought, send the text, and immediately tell them to continue. “I totally understand your pain though because there are times I have to tell my wife and my coworker something 3 times before they even hear it. I may have one idea. Do you have a phone? Can you just record a little blip everytime you try to talk to them? Do that for a week and then make the whole thing a video so they can actually watch themselves ignore you. As a Dad that would totally get my attention.” Read more: Sign up to Mirror US’s SMS updates for the latest straight from the newsroom For all the latest on news, politics, sports, and showbiz from the USA, go to The Mirror US . A second added: “I’m so sorry. It’s hard when your parents can’t be bothered to be present. You deserve better. You deserve parents who are interested in your life. Sending virtual hugs.” While a third shared: “My dad is a gen x and is exactly like this. People always give the youth a hard time about this issue but never hold anyone older accountable for the same behavior.”

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