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Seoul � The secretary-general of the Mozambican Chamber of Commerce (CCM), Teresa Muenda, says that the country must capitalize on the experience of industrialization of South Korea, particularly in agriculture, manufacturing and fisheries. According to Muenda, speaking in the context of the first Korea-Africa Summit, a two-day event, held in Seoul, under the motto: “The Future We Build Together: Economic Growth, Sustainability and Solidarity’, “as we know, Korea had a similar path to Mozambique. However, in a very short space of time it managed to reach the levels of development that we can all see today.’ The Mozambican delegation, headed by President Filipe Nyusi, includes 30 business people from various sectors. According to Muenda, Mozambique currently exports raw materials such as graphite and “we want to take advantage of the experience that Korean businesses have and see if we can convince them to invest in Mozambique.’ “CCM wants to see if it can mobilize Korean businesses to invest in the country and thus help the government in the industrialization that we are all aiming for’, she said. As a way of ensuring permanent contact between Korean and Mozambican business people, entrepreneurs from both countries will sign two memoranda of understanding. The first is with the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the second with the Korea International Trade Association. Muenda believes that the signing of these documents will help to strengthen trade relations. “This will be our 24th international delegation’, she said. “This summit is an excellent opportunity to explore the presence of the other African countries that are also taking part’. Muenda believes that Mozambique is taking great strides towards intra-African trade and this will be a great window for Mozambican companies to exchange experiences and opportunities with other African business people present at the summit. The Minister of Industry and Trade, Silvino Moreno, said that the ties between Mozambique and Korea are positive and both parties want to boost them. “We have a very good relationship with Korea and we want to maintain that level. Korean business people are interested in coming to Mozambique and investing in various areas of activity, including agriculture, infrastructure, communications, and technology. This is what we want to boost and make sure they find a favorable environment for investment’, the minister said.

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