Game changer? K-pop industry leverages AI – The Korea Herald

webnexttech | Game changer? K-pop industry leverages AI - The Korea Herald

Aespa, a K-pop girl group, also used AI in the music video for their latest song, “Supernova,” the lead track of their first LP released on May 27. In the music video, there is a close-up scene in which aespa members are singing, with only their mouths moving unnaturally. “We did not expect such a scene. This got us thinking about AI as these days, cover songs created by AI are popular on social media. But I still think AI cannot perfectly imitate a person’s facial expression or emotions,” said Ningning of aespa during a press conference introducing their first LP in Seoul on May 27. SM founder and former chief producer Lee Soo-man also spoke about the applications of AI in K-pop during his keynote speech at the General Assembly of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers in Seoul on May 30. “AI will help K-pop connect with its fans around the world. It’s a convergence of culture and technology that I’ve been talking about for a while now, and it will allow deeper engagement between celebrities and ‘prosumers,’ or fans,” Lee said.

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