webnexttech | Apple issues important message to customers who drive with iPhone in car
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Apple has unveiled a major vehicle update to help drivers on the roads. Apple says it is “the best of iPhone and your car together” as the tech giant, which is based in the US, rolled out new features to help motorists, drivers and road users. In its latest Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced the rollout of artificial intelligence – or Apple Intelligence – to make its products more intuitive and user-friendly. Apple has revolutionised the process of using CarPlay by integrating AI technology with Siri. It allows drivers to interact with it without taking their eyes off the road or touching their phones. Ben Crick, Human Interface Designer at Apple, said: “It’s the best of iPhone and the best of your car together in a unified, consistent experience across all of the driver’s displays. “One that’s familiar where it matters, yet new, beautiful, and unique to your vehicle. Unique to your brand, totally at home in your vehicle, with all the benefits of expanded features, deep integration, and familiar interaction patterns.” Dan Ives, Wedbush Securities analyst, said the AI announcement was a “pivotal moment” for the future of the company. He said: “Apple is taking the right path to implement AI across its ecosystem while laying out the foundation for the company’s multi-year AI strategy across the strongest installed base of 2.2 billion iOS devices over the coming years.” There will be pop-up notifications for drivers of electric vehicles, indicating charge status and remaining charge times, as well as integration with rear-facing cameras and other park assist functionality. And drivers will be able to change things, such as the drive mode or assistance features, from an easy to reach app that lives within the ecosystem. Apple stated in one of its WWDC24 videos that the amount of vehicle data that is able to be projected within the CarPlay environment will be down to the amount of vehicle information said carmaker is willing to provide.

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