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NTP Timelord Dies

David Mills, the inventor, in 1985, of Network Time Protocol (NTP) which synchronizes computer clocks across different computer systems and networks, passed away on January 17, 2024, at the age of 85… [+3104 chars]

CodeSOD: Monthly Totals

Daniel spotted an array called $months in a PHP application. The data being stored in the array was some total of the sales of some commodity, for the past 5 months.
That much all made sense. What d… [+475 chars]

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Endurain: Self-hosted Strava like service

Endurain is a Strava like service that you can selfhost.
It uses for the frontend PHP+HTML+basic JS+Bootstrap CSS, for the backend Python FastAPI and stravalib, MariaDB for the database engine and J… [+4562 chars]

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CodeSOD: Evaluating Perks

Today’s anonymous submitter works for a company that handles customer rewards perks. It’s handling thousands of dollars of transactions a day, which isn’t a huge amount, but it’s certainly non-trivia… [+579 chars]

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Why 37Signals Abandoned the Cloud

But, for some reason, companies preffer “multicloud”, with the added complexity and the curse of the “least common denominator”
You see, in Hybrid cloud, you run some workloads in a local cloud, and… [+314 chars]

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Perses: Syntax-Directed Program Reduction

Perses is a language-agnostic program reducer to minimize a program with
respect to a set of constraints. It takes as input a program to reduce,
and a test script which specifies the constraints.
… [+3023 chars]

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It’s Pronounced GIF

As the holiday season is upon us and a Hackaday scribe sits protected from the incoming Atlantic storms in her snug eyrie, it’s time for her to consider the basics of her craft. Writing, spelling, an… [+7758 chars]

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