webnexttech | SA Premier unveils world-leading new laws to ban political donations
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The South Australian premier has announced a world-leading new set of laws that aim to ban donations to political parties, from organisations and individuals. Peter Malinauskas today acknowledged that the changes may not be universally popular within his party, but said election campaigning had become “a playground for the rich”. “We should have a level playing field when it comes to the political process,” he said. READ MORE: Police officer carries 90-year-old woman out of blazing home “This is not in our political interests, right, there will be no shortage of people in my own party who will breathe a sigh of relief if this reform hits the fence.” Under the proposed legislation, registered parties and candidates would be subject to stricter regulations, including mandatory adherence to funding caps. The government is also proposing a reduction in the amount of money that candidates can access for their campaigns. To compensate for the reduction in private donations, taxpayers will contribute an additional $3 million to support political campaigns. This move aims to ensure that all parties have access to sufficient funding to effectively communicate their messages to the public. The premier’s announcement has sparked discussions about potential unintended consequences. Opposition Spokesman John Gardner raised concerns that the reforms may simply shift the source of funding from donations to advertising by organisations or unions, promoting particular parties. “I’d like to see how the premier will address the risk that this will just transfer that money,” Gardner said. The proposed legislation has also drawn attention to the broader issue of political donations at the Federal level. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese acknowledged that an inquiry is underway to examine the matter, highlighting the potential for similar reforms at the national level. This article was produced with the assistance of 9ExPress.

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