webnexttech | Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer is an out and proud bisexual woman
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Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer is an out and proud bisexual woman. Denyer, who is the party’s candidate for Bristol Central, was elected as co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, alongside Adrian Ramsay, in 2021. The pair previously wrote for PinkNews that they stood together because they “believe politics desperately needs more compassion and more climate justice”. Denyer is the first bisexual leader of a major political party in England and uses her platform to campaign for LGBTQ+ rights, including a reform of the Gender Recognition Act. She told the Bristol Post: “I never really hid my sexuality, so I didn’t have a single coming out moment, but lots of tiny coming out moments with individuals or groups of friends when it became relevant to tell them” “Sometimes it was met with confusion, but thankfully never hostility.” Denyer previously worked with the University of Bristol Trans Students’ Network to support an open letter to NHS England about the lack of access to gender identity clinic specialist services. Denyer used to work in the renewable energy industry Carla Denyer began her environmental activism at Durham University after she had an “epiphany”. According to Grazia, she said: “I came back to my third year with a conviction that, ‘OK, I need to dedicate the rest of my life to trying to stop climate change’.” Prior to her political career, Denyer worked as an engineer in renewable energy where she focused on designing wind farms. The Green Party’s election manifesto, published earlier this week, makes several promises to the LGBTQ+ community. Together, Denyer and Ramsay pledge that if elected on 4 July, they will work to create “a greener, fairer country”. The other candidates in Bristol Central are: Robert Clarke (Reform UK), Nicholas Coombes (Lib Dems), Thangam Debbonaire (Labour), Kelly-Jay Keen (Party of Women) and Samuel Williams (Conservative).

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