webnexttech | Businessman Usmanov files action against UBS Europe SE
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MOSCOW, June 17. /TASS/. Businessman Alisher Usmanov filed action to the regional court of Frankfurt am Main against UBS Europe SE, a businessman’s counsel told TASS and his representative confirmed that. The essence of claims against the bank is that it sent a series of notices of allegedly suspicious financial transactions of Usmanov, which served as a pretext to initiate “politically motivated investigations against him” in Germany. “As the first step, we filed action against the Frankfurt office of UBS Europe S.E. in the name of Alisher Usmanov personally for the purpose of the fundamental fact-finding by court and ascertainment of the bank’s liability for the inflicted damage. We will not stop on that because the amount of damage inflicted cannot be estimated or finally determined so far,” Usmanov’s representative Peter Gauweiler said. The statement to the press says that the bank within the period between 2018 to 2022 sent more than a dozen “absurd and unjustified, if not to deliberately false notices” about allegedly suspicious transactions of Usmanov to the financial monitoring department of the German General Directorate of Customs. The statement says that notices were sent in absence of facts with the bank, indicating that any criminal act was the origin of client’s assets. “Contrary to norms of banking and the banking secrecy, UBS violated confidentiality of client data, distributed false statements about him, and grossly breached personal rights. Violation of the agreement on the bank’s side resulted in financial losses and colossal damage to reputation of A. B. Usmanov,” the statement reads.

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