Blast away your American woes with 4th of July memes

webnexttech | Blast away your American woes with 4th of July memes
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4th of July memes should be exploding across your timelines today as the night of celebration approaches for 2024. It’s a great day for eating outside, making loud noises, and slipping your dog some Prozac, even in a year that may not have left you feeling as patriotic as some. The Independence Day memes for this year are looking a little grim this time around, with more than usual fretting about the future of the nation or suggesting that we all deserve the entire week off from work to recover from recent events. Others were simply shocked that it’s already July.

4th of July memes, 2024 edition

There are still some happy 4th of July memes going around from people looking forward to fireworks and forming a picture of the perfect summer night. One Twitter user even had a story to share about a miracle that occurred when they were out of ice for the cooler. Regardless of how you might feel about America right now, there is something magical about the lights and the cheerful popping of the fireworks as you enjoy a drink and a third hot dog with family. Remember how happy it made you as a kid? Hold on to that feeling. Have another beer.

Fireworks memes

One of the more classic 4th of July memes is any joke about fireworks, with topics ranging from how cool they are to how annoying they are to how dangerous they are. Truly, there is nothing quite so American as celebrating their Independence Day with loud items capable of blowing one’s fingers off because they make pretty colors. That, and the fact that there are always those neighbors who set off fireworks days before the 4th, days after the 4th, and way too late into the night when some of us have work on Friday.

The most ironic Independence Day

Recent Supreme Court rulings and other political events have made it harder to come across a happy July 4th meme in the year 2024. Social media users are feeling particularly snarky about the presidential immunity decision, which many leftists feel transforms the office of the President into a kingship, which is exactly the kind of thing we fought that one war over. The independence one. But look, pretty lights!

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The 2024 presidential debate memes

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