webnexttech | Anti-Israel group led by top Rashida Tlaib fundraiser dissolves
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An organization connected to an anti-Israel activist who fundraises for “Squad” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has quietly dissolved in Virginia, documents show. Corporate records filed in Virginia show the advocacy arm of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, a nonprofit group training anti-Israel protesters after the Hamas-led Oct. 7 attack on the Jewish state, submitted articles of termination on May 28. Rasha Mubarak, the ex-president of the USCPR’s affiliate, is a close ally of Tlaib, the progressive-left House member who often faces scrutiny from Republicans and Democrats for her anti-Israel rhetoric. It’s unclear why USCPR’s affiliate, which registered in 2018 under a section of the IRS code for entities that are exempt from paying taxes so long as they focus on “social welfare,” has gone inactive. Groups in this category, which is called 501(c)(4), may also engage in political advocacy and unlimited lobbying. Mubarak did not reply to a request for comment from the Washington Examiner. A Florida-based corporation operated by Mubarak, as the Washington Examiner reported on May 21, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars since 2020 from Tlaib’s campaign and leadership PAC. Mubarak, who once said she was tired of hearing the “lie” that “Israel has the right to defend herself” against terrorism, also recently worked on behalf of terrorism-linked groups. One of those groups, Alliance for Global Justice, has been cut off by payment processors and also lost major donors over a series of Washington Examiner reports on its ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a group designated by the United States as a terrorist faction. Patagonia, the outdoor apparel brand, came under fire last week after a Washington Examiner report revealed that the company’s private foundation sent grants to Alliance for Global Justice. USCPR, the charity affiliate of the 501(c)(4) nonprofit group Mubarak led, shares ties to Alliance for Global Justice. A project under Alliance for Global Justice called the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel is a founding member of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions National Committee, an anti-Israel coalition that was recently sponsored by USCPR. The BDS National Committee has also included a separate coalition reportedly counting Hamas, the PFLP, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad as members. Mubarak, between 2015 and 2018, was also a top staffer for the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Also known as CAIR, the group was an unindicted co-conspirator of Hamas in a 2009 terrorism financing case.

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