Is Ana Paula Consorte distracting Paolo Guerrero from the national team? Janet Barboza’s surprising opinion

webnexttech | Is Ana Paula Consorte distracting Paolo Guerrero from the national team? Janet Barboza’s surprising opinion

Since Ana Paula Consorte left Brazil to accompany Paolo Guerrero in his soccer career, the former dancer has monopolized the entertainment press with rumors of comings and goings in her relationship with the soccer player. In this sense, the well-known presenter Janet Barboza launched strong criticisms at the model, blaming her for distracting the ballplayer from his commitments to the peruvian team. The driver of ‘America Today’ He stated that the actions of Paolo Guerrero’s partner are affecting the soccer performance of the Peruvian team. In addition, the popular ‘Retoquitos’ questioned whether the model will accompany the soccer player to the Copa América in the United States, and suggested that the relationship between them could be affecting the concentration of the ‘Predator’ in important matches. YOU CAN SEE: Pamela López celebrates her birthday with another man at a nightclub and Christian Cueva arrives at the venue hooded Is Ana Paula Consorte a distraction for Paolo Guerrero in the national team? Paolo Guerrero and Ana Paula Consorte have maintained a public relationship that has been widely followed by the media and their followers. The couple, who share two children, have been the subject of attention not only for their personal life, but also for the impact that this relationship could have on the ‘Predator’s’ sports career. The garota, known for her career as a model and dancer, has been seen on several occasions supporting the soccer player in his sporting commitments. Regarding whether Ana Paula Consorte distracts the soccer player, Janet Barboza He assured that the presence of the Brazilian model, accompanied by his children, has been an emotional burden for the soccer player, affecting his performance in the Peruvian national team matches. The host stated that Paolo cannot be in his best emotional moment due to constant concern for his family. “How is Paolo going to be at his best emotionally? He has his wife, with the children, walking around Lima going to where he trains. His head is not in the selectionhe is with his family,” said the driver. Criticism intensified after Ana Paula visit the hotel where the Peruvian team was concentrated. Barboza suggested that this visit, along with the signing of legal documents, could have distracted Guerrero before a crucial match against Paraguay. The presenter also questioned whether Ana Paula will accompany Paolo to the Copa América, suggesting that her presence could continue to be a distraction. “Tomorrow the national team travels. I wonder if Ana Paula will go with Paolo? I think Ana Paula is very impulsive,” said the host. YOU CAN SEE: Cristian Rivero confesses that he could not have a daughter with Gianella Neyra for an important reason: “I regret it” Ana Paula Consorte visited Videna On Monday, June 10, Paolo Guerrero attended the training of the Peruvian team in the Videnasurprising everyone by arriving accompanied by his partner, Ana Paula Consorte. The presence of the Brazilian model Ana Paula Consorte attracted attention. Although they did not give statements, the couple greeted the fans present. Universidad forward César Vallejo is getting ready for the confrontation against Chile in his debut in the Copa América 2024, scheduled for Friday, June 21. This match will be significant for the Peruvian team, since they will face the team led by Ricardo Gareca, former coach of the bicolor, for the first time.

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