Taylor Swift fans soak up the sun ahead of Eras tour third and final night

webnexttech | Taylor Swift fans soak up the sun ahead of Eras tour third and final night

Swifties forever was the chant for Day Three of Taylor Swift in Edinburgh and a lazy Sunday afternoon turned into a sweltering Sunday Funday as tens of thousands turned out to greet the star. The atmosphere around Murrayfield was electric as families and friends turned out in force after waiting months to see their favourite gal. In pubs and restaurants nearby, friendship bracelets were being swapped in the toilets while people posed in front of the Murrayfield sign for Instagram and their other socials. Less wind on day three meant people could enjoy the summer sun that bit more but people heeded advice and many brought anoraks and warm coats to wear over their outfits in the evening. Katrina Coutts, 42, and her daughter Aela, 9, from Liberton got Swiftie tickets, like many, for a Christmas present. Katrina who we was glittering from the Fearless Era whilst Aela was dressed after Lover, said: “My dad somehow managed to pull something out on Christmas day because we didn’t think we’d get tickets.” She added: “I like Cool Summer and Aela likes Down Bad. “Taylor is just so positive and puts a lot of good out in the world and brings a lot of good out.” With fans around from many different countries it was interesting to hear how everyone first discovered Taylor and how her music fitted in with their cultural experiences. Angelina Dong, 21, and Ranie Fan, 20, from China came to see Taylor from their respective homes in London and Glasgow. Angelina said: “I think it’s best to come to Scotland to see Taylor and travel around Edinburgh.” Angelina said listening to Taylor’s songs helped her to learn English and bond with the Kiwis when she stayed in New Zealand. She explained: “We played songs in New Zealand in boarding school and our parents had not heard of them so this was a way to learn English too.” Ranie said her school in China used to use Taylor’s songs as a morning alarm call to wake pupils up from their beds! She said: “Since primary school I loved Love Story because they usually played it for morning alarm to get us up in China.” The girls were dressed to impress and added that they wrapped up a bit warmer after hearing reports of the cold night air. As traditional bagpipes played on for many in the queue, Samuel Cook,28, who works at 02 explained why he came dressed as the Heartbreak Prince from the Lover Era. He said: “Lover’s Heartbreak Prince is my look today. I’ve been a fan for too long, well over a decade. I’m hoping it see the full tour and maybe a bit of Debut as a surprise song. “What do I like about Taylor Swift? I’d be lying if I said it was about her legs but it’s her overall instrumental value. The fact she gets up and plays guitar, play piano and the vocals. Everything is spot on.” Elle Easton, 13, was with her mum and both couldn’t wait to get into the arena to hear Paramore and Taylor perform. As she fished in the queue she had on a silver dress from the Folklore album and the song Mirrorball. She said: “Her lyrics are just amazing and I’m very excited about seeing her.” Swift has brought everyone together in Edinburgh and the atmosphere over the last three days has been amazing with even solo travellers being made welcome by groups of loyal fans. Pick up your limited edition Taylor Swift OK! glossy magazine here. And they all are following the valuable mantra as Taylor Swift would say: “No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.” Get the latest celebrity gossip and telly news sent straight to your inbox. Sign up to our daily Showbiz newsletter here.

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