Is my brother really dead? Sister of ex-Premier League star killed in a fireball horror smash in his…

webnexttech | Is my brother really dead? Sister of ex-Premier League star killed in a fireball horror smash in his...

The astonishing scale of a campaign by family members of tragic footballer Jlloyd Samuel to prove their conspiracy theory that he is still alive has been revealed. Former Aston Villa star Samuel, 37, died in a massive fireball in 2018 when his £100,000 Range Rover collided with a van after he had dropped his children off at school. Interest in his case has been rekindled after a Netflix documentary retold some of the extraordinary details of his troubled life and horrifying death. And now MailOnline has unearthed a cache of social media posts from his sister Leslie Ann – as she mounted a vociferous and sustained campaign to prove her extraordinary belief that Samuel was not in the car at the time, is still alive and that reports of his death are a ‘cover up’. She has also falsely alleged that the accident was staged by his first wife Emma Pritchard so that she could financially benefit from it. Samuel’s body was so badly burned in the fireball that he was only identified through medical records and a DNA sample, a coroner’s court heard. Leslie-Ann and Samuel’s family have been demanding that they be allowed to independently test the sample and protested that they have also not been given key documents and images related to his death. In one post, accompanied by a picture of Samuel with an arrow pointing to his mouth, she writes: ‘Every attempt is made to cover up the truth but the evidence WILL prove the truth. Where is Jlloyd?’ In another she claims: ‘The people involved in this stage death have stated they want the equity from Jlloyds estate, they also spoke of the big money coming & about money OWED. ‘We have evidence that Jlloyd was not in the car when it blew!!! up.’ A new Netflix documentary out this week called ‘The Footballer, His Wife and the Crash’ has revealed details of Samuel’s secret double life with two wives which has captured the headlines and the viewers’ attention. In the documentary, the two women also provided vastly contrasting details about the accident. While Emma maintains that he was killed in it, his second wife, Helia Sahimi Lloyd, who Samuel met in Iran while playing football there, insists: ‘I believe that my husband is still alive. I will fight for him until the end of my life because I believe that the truth will come out.’ But it is the former Aston Villa star’s sister who has been most outspoken. In one post she claims that Emma has not given permission for the police to release his DNA sample and dental records. She writes: ‘WHERE IS JLLOYD SAMUEL! JLLOYD WAS THREATENED. JLLOYD WAS NOT IN THE RANGE ROVER WHEN IT BLEW.’ The feud between Emma and Samuel’s family came to a head at Samuel’s inquest in 2019 when the family applied for permission to have his DNA sample tested independently, as they did not believe it belonged to the former footballer. But Emma, who had the final say as Samuel’s next of kin, insisted that she would only agree to it if Leslie-Ann could guarantee it was taken to a UK-registered laboratory. Coroner Alan Moore also dismissed the family’s request after explaining that a forensic specialist had already compared teeth from the body with Mr Samuel’s dental records and confirmed it was a match. Angry at the decision, Leslie-Ann posted: ‘Jlloyd we WILL see you soon, in this life.’ In another post she wrote: ‘Jlloyd brother we know you are ALIVE and well and we know the DNA the pathologist have is not your DNA … 100%… Lies…’ In one post she claimed: ‘Insurance claims along with other criminal acts has since been committed resulting from this wicked act of staging a death of a loved one.’ After the inquest hearing, Leslie-Ann vowed that she would obtain a court order to get Samuel’s DNA sample tested independently. But the documentary revealed that to this day she has still not done this, and that Emma is still willing for independent testing to take place provided it is done in the UK. The documentary revealed shocking details about how Emma only discovered Samuel had a second wife four weeks after his death. She said: ‘I was trying to grieve my husband and find he has another life. Who is my husband – do I really know him?’ She added: ‘He had a full-on other life for seven years. He never asked me for a divorce, as far as I was concerned, we were fine, we were great. He always told me how much he loved me.’ Iranian fashion designer and singer Helia introduces herself in the programme as ‘the wife of Jlloyd Samuel describing their relationship as ‘like being in a dream.’ She said: ‘He was extremely romantic and even tried to learn Farsi so that we could speak to each other. I will always love him.’ Describing their engagement, she added: ‘We had a private family party, he bought me a ring. He got on one knee and proposed to me. I didn’t even let him finish his words.’ Helia revealed that Samuel converted to Islam so that they could marry in 2013 and the programme also shows a photograph of their marriage certificate. In a further twist to the mystery surrounding his death, she claims that on the day of the accident Samuel was due to fly to Morocco to meet her and that they had planned to start a new life together in Guinea-Bissau, west Africa, where he was going to open a business dealing in diamonds. Helia claims: ‘He had lots of plans to start a new life. He wanted to export diamonds and gold and open a football academy. I was going to open an Iranian restaurant.’ Samuel played in the Premier League between 1999 and 2010. He is best known for a nine-year spell at Aston Villa where he made 169 Premier League appearances predominantly at left-back. He was born and raised in Bow, East London and played in the same boys’ football team as John Terry and Ledley King. Leslie-Ann did not take part in the documentary.

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