BBC Escape to the Country’s Jules Hudson issues ‘sad’ update as job comes to end

webnexttech | BBC Escape to the Country's Jules Hudson issues 'sad' update as job comes to end

Escape to the Country’s Jules Hudson was showered with love and support from fans after he posted a heartfelt “sad” update on social media. The 54-year-old presenter had been in Normandy to commemorate the poignant 80th anniversary of D-Day. During his visit, the BBC favourite had the opportunity to engage with veterans who played a role in the historic invasion that led to the downfall of Nazi Germany and set the stage for the conclusion of World War II. Sharing a reflective video on Instagram, Jules opened up to his followers, saying: “Sadly, our time here in Normandy is coming to an end. It’s gone by all too quickly, but to have the chance to see and experience this astonishing 80th anniversary of D-Day has been truly humbling. “We’ve met veterans, we’ve learnt things we didn’t know before, we’ve been to places we’ve never seen before. But where better to finish than here, overlooking the bay of The Seine and the Normandy beaches. And as this crop that now surrounds me begins to ripen, the poppies are coming out.” Jules’ followers were quick to respond with supportive comments, expressing their gratitude for his sharing of the journey. A fan from Australia commented: “From Down Under… I’ve really enjoyed your tour of Normandy commemorating the 80th Anno. My FaFa served in France (wounded twice) so this means a lot.” Another appreciative viewer penned: “Thank you Jules for the videos to allow all of us to experience it as well.” A third wasted no time in praising the presenter’s support, declaring: “Wonderful event. Thank you for your support of veterans.” A fourth was effusive, exclaiming: “What a fabulous job you did! You and your team brought an important day in history to all of us around the world! Thank you!” Echoing these sentiments, another follower remarked: “Thank you for sharing your journey… it’s given lots of other perspectives on the commemorations. So much appreciated.” Upon landing in Normandy, Jules kick-started his tour at the historic Pegasus Bridge – a principal site within the British sector of the Normandy beaches that was captured by our airborne forces on June 6. The bridge has been a key point of D-Day remembrance every year since 1944. In addition, he chatted with John Cairns, an enthusiast who restored a vintage Jeep and embarked on a mission to collect signatures from war veterans on the seat covers. John proudly disclosed he has roughly 400 autographs inked on the fabric of his Jeep, including one from the cherished Vera Lynn. Jules began his TV journey back in 1996 as part of the production crew for BBC2’s Horizon. He soon advanced to working with Channel 4 on Time Team. He has since been a regular feature on Channel 5’s This Week on the Farm where he co-stars with Helen Skelton. The presenter took up duties for Escape to the Country in 2007 and continues to cherish his position. Speaking about this role, he told the Express: “I hope to do Escape to the Country for as long as I’m able and for as long as the show will have me.” Follow Mirror Celebs on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTubeand Threads.

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