Hunter Biden's Baby Mama Says Joe Biden Has Never Met His 5 YO Granddaughter, Netizens Call It 'Sick'

webnexttech | Hunter Biden's Baby Mama Says Joe Biden Has Never Met His 5 YO Granddaughter, Netizens Call It 'Sick'

Lunden Roberts, Hunter Biden’s baby mama, claimed President Joe Biden has never contacted his granddaughter, Navy Joan Roberts. Lunden made the revelation last week, during an interview with television personality, Piers Morgan, on Piers Morgan Uncensored. In light of the same, netizens flocked to social media to condemn the Bidens. An X user shared a clip of her interview and opined, “…The Biden family are no more than sick, evil grifters.” Following suit, another wrote, “Ignoring your granddaughter is deplorable. With the power they have, they could easily arrange for her to visit them in Delaware. Can you picture growing up knowing who your family is and they cruelly don’t want you? Shame on them!” Another user echoed, “I feel bad for the 5-year-old innocent girl…she had nothing to do with any of this. Her dad and her paternal grandfather are sorry SOBs…Regardless of who you are.” As the comments poured in, a critic added, “Piers Morgan, very good questions! The NOs that were said were very revealing about how they, Bidens, Hunter, Joe & Jill, all have abandoned a 5-year-old…and count her as a granddaughter only when they are questioned by reporters!…they don’t care at all!!” Others, however, argued that the Navy was probably better off not knowing them. A user quipped, “TBH that’s best for the child. The Biden legacy isn’t a good look for that beautiful little girl.” Another person added, “If I was the mom I wouldn’t let that child anywhere near that family, even if I had to go into hiding.” Lunden’s relationship with Hunter is complex. She admitted to being ‘hurt’ by a 2019 New Yorker article in which he denied ever having intercourse with her. After finding out she was pregnant, Lunden shared that she had suicidal thoughts due to the constant turmoil in their relationship. She deemed her pregnancy as ‘one of the loneliest times’ of her life, as their fling allegedly ended when she was expecting. Additionally, Lunden confessed that even though she knew Hunter was having an affair with Hallie Biden, the ex-wife of his brother Beau Biden, and was fighting a severe crack addiction in 2018, she nonetheless found herself captivated by him. She told Morgan, “He had a demon on his back. He was suffering from addiction during that time. But he had my attention. I was intrigued.” As per the Daily Mail UK, Lunden shared that Hunter reached out to his daughter Navy on Zoom many times to foster a connection but never attempted to meet in person. She added, “He’s gone above what the timeframe was as far as like what he was supposed to do, he has done that for her which I appreciate tremendously.” A year ago, she and Hunter settled a protracted court fight, forcing him to finally recognize paternity and pay child support.

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