Chloe Goodman ties the knot but sister Lauryn is nowhere to be seen! Reality star marries footballer…

webnexttech | Chloe Goodman ties the knot but sister Lauryn is nowhere to be seen! Reality star marries footballer...

Chloe Goodman has tied the knot with her footballer fiancé Grant Hall in Portugal. The reality star, 30, looked incredible as she said her vows in a stunning corseted wedding dress which had a thigh-split decorated in lace and was custom-made to her taste. Sadly, the family event was overshadowed by family drama because Chloe’s sister Lauryn, 33, was not invited following a major bust-up. Instead, Lauryn spent the day filming a reality show just five minutes away as she had already booked her flight to Portugal and didn’t want it going to waste. A spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Lauryn has been extremely upset and has been in floods of tears over the last few days and doesn’t wish to comment. You will have to ask Chloe how, on the most important day of her life, she chose not to include her sister.’ Chloe and Rotherham United defender Grant, 32, married at a picturesque ceremony at Quinta Do Lago, Algarve on Saturday. The couple exchanged vows in front of close friends and family, with the scenic backdrop of the Algarve coastline adding a touch of magic to the occasion. Sources close to the family told MailOnline that Chloe and Lauryn had a major falling out a week before the ceremony, leading Chloe to ban Lauryn from the wedding. The specifics of their disagreement remain unclear, but it was significant enough to cause a rift that their mother could not mend, despite her best efforts in the days leading up to the wedding. ‘Chloe was adamant about her decision’, said an insider. ‘Their mother spent most of the week trying to reconcile the sisters, but Chloe stood firm. It was a tense time for the family.’ Lauryn, meanwhile, did not let the family feud dampen her spirits. She opted to spend the wedding day on a boat, filming for her new WAG TV show, in the wake of her affair with Manchester City defender Kyle. Photographs captured Lauryn enjoying the sun and sea, hinting that the drama would make for compelling reality television content. The newlyweds, however, remained focused on their celebration. Grant, dapper in his suit, shared an emotional ceremony followed by a lavish reception. Guests enjoyed gourmet cuisine, live music, and breathtaking views of the Algarve sunset. Given many of Grant’s current and former teammates were in attendance, Chloe had feared her sister may snag another footballer. Lauryn, who has had two children with England ace Kyle, 33, while he was in a relationship with wife Annie Kilner, still flew to Portugal, because she had already paid for flights and accommodation closeby. A source said ahead of the big day: ‘Lauryn has made it clear that she will be going to Portugal and says that she just wants to have a quiet family holiday with the kids because she’s already paid for it. ‘But it’s sure to kick off and it’s going to be very messy. It means there’s unlikely to be any chance of their feud ending.’ The source added: ‘Lauryn is staying very close to the wedding hotel and Chloe isn’t happy that she’s doing that because it’s going to lead to more drama. ‘The sensible thing would be for Lauryn to stay away but she’s got no intention of doing that.’ Chloe and Lauryn were once famously close, enjoying nights out together, offering mutual support while they were both pregnant and welcomed their first children within weeks of each other. But their relationship came crashing down when it was revealed married footballer Kyle had fathered a second child with Lauryn in December. The scandal sparked Chloe to cut all ties with her sister and cancel the invitation to her upcoming wedding. And Lauryn’s penchant for married footballers was a major factor in her decision to ban her elder sister from her nuptials and given she is insistent about flying over, it still remains at concern. A source close to Chloe said: ‘Grant has a lot of friends who are footballers, and it didn’t feel right to have Lauryn there, given what’s gone between her and Kyle. ‘But unfortunately, she’s not going to be very far away from the wedding and some of these footballers will be staying in the same hotel as her which will obviously be of concern to their partners.’ Chloe hit out at Lauryn for pursuing a romance with Kyle, who was already in a longterm relationship with Annie, 30. The couple share four children, the most recent born last month. However, the former Spurs defender fathered two children with Lauryn behind his wife’s back, his first, son Kairo in April 2020 followed by a daughter, only known as KK, who was conceived in October 2022 when they secretly met up in London ahead of Kyle undergoing groin surgery. Annie only discovered Kyle had fathered a second child with Lauryn when she received a message from her love rival in December on Instagram when she bluntly announced: ‘I don’t have two baby daddies — I have one.’ Annie was heavily pregnant at the time with their fourth child. Annie gave birth in April to another boy, and they already share sons Roman, 11, Riaan, seven, and Reign, five. Since news of Lauryn’s second pregnancy emerged, she has been involved in an online war of words with Annie and Kyle as they attempt to save their marriage. A source revealed: ‘It’s been a very difficult time for Chloe because she really loved Lauryn and was doing everything to support her. But getting involved with a married man and then causing his wife so much hurt in public is unacceptable for her. She thinks that Lauryn has behaved in a vile and toxic way.’ Chloe shares a daughter, Isla, four, and son Hudson, two, with former Queens Park Rangers star Grant. She has been joined in her decision to turn her back on Lauryn by their youngest sister Amelia, 25, who was Maid of Honour at the wedding. She largely remains out of the public eye and works at a beauty clinic in Brighton. But she often joined them on nights out and the trio were once described as ‘inseparable.’ The sisters were raised by their Iranian mother and English father in Brighton, who later separated. Both Amelia and Chloe have unfollowed Lauryn on Instagram and scrubbed any images of her from their accounts. Earlier this year, as rumours circulated that Kyle had fathered a second child with Lauryn, Amelia took to social media to declare: ‘It’s very rare that I speak out regarding the situation involving my family. ‘I am a private person and choose to live my life like so. However, it’s been made clear through the tons of hate I am receiving that if I stay silent people seem to think I’m a part of it. ‘I would like to make clear that I have never and will never be involved in this situation. I do not speak to anyone associated with it either.’ Chloe has largely remained tight-lipped on the family feud. But after posting pictures of herself earlier this year following breast augmentation surgery one comment stated that she should ‘tell her sister to grow up’ and blasted Lauryn for sleeping with a married man. But Chloe hit back: ‘Babe give me a break I’m just showing off my lipo,’ followed by a laughing emoji. She added: ‘Nothing to do with me.’ The family feud was further underlined when Chloe threw a Sing 2 themed party to celebrate her son Hudson turning two years old earlier this year. Lauryn did not make an appearance and nor did her son Kairo leading Amelia to reveal on social media that while she was there, her older sister was not invited but her son was. Amelia penned: ‘It’s really upsetting that I even have to write this but some people can’t help themselves but make comments online. ‘Of course, Kairo was invited to Hudson’s birthday party and I had offered to take him and look after him myself. ‘The invitation was declined. He will always be invited to everything we do as we love him with all our heart.’ Following the statement, Lauryn shared a cryptic quote to her own Instagram Stories, that seemingly hinted at the drama. It read: ‘Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.

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