5 ChatGPT Prompts To Smash Through Limits (Overcome Limiting Beliefs)

webnexttech | 5 ChatGPT Prompts To Smash Through Limits (Overcome Limiting Beliefs)

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin 5 ChatGPT prompts to smash through limits (overcome limiting beliefs) getty We tell ourselves lies and we believe them. We fool ourselves into thinking things aren’t possible, we’re no good, and we have limits. We compare ourselves to others, don’t improve our weaknesses and turn a blind eye to obvious opportunities. Fear of failure, fear of success and imposter syndrome keep us playing small, subconsciously ignoring the intel that would lead to growth. Be honest with yourself for a short, sharp dose of reality from which you can improve. Open up ChatGPT and use it as your AI life coach. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets for each prompt, then paste in to ChatGPT. Keep the same chat window open so the context carries through. Stop hiding from your truth: ChatGPT prompts for complete honesty about limits Decipher your doodles Take a fresh piece of paper and make some notes. Without thinking, start a sentence with “What I know for sure is…” and doodle away until the page is full. Write down everything that comes into your head about yourself, your environment, your business and the state of the world. Empty your head of its trains of thought and get them out there on page. Next, take a photo of your notes and upload it to ChatGPT. For this prompt you will need ChatGPT Plus. “I’m uploading an image of some writing I did based on the starter, “What I know for sure is…” Your task is to decipher these doodles into a written document, then make an analysis on the words. Summarize me as a professional based on my doodles. Identify any limiting beliefs my words hint at, pull out any areas of concern, and suggest ways I may be holding myself back. Make 3 suggestions for areas to dig into further, to uncover truths and smash through limits I have subconsciously created.” MORE FOR YOU WWE NXT Battleground Results Winners And Grades From The UFC Apex Could The Rockets Land Alex Sarr? That Sweet 2TB Galaxy Black Xbox Series X Will Be Mine, Cosmically Read between the lines When’s the last time you asked for feedback? Identify something you did recently and open a new email to a colleague or client. Ask them to give their opinion on how you did and what you could do better. Say you’re looking to grow and develop. When you have their response, paste it into ChatGPT with the following prompt: “This is some feedback I received from [describe the person and their relationship to you] about [describe the task you completed]. Analyze this feedback to find places I can improve. Read between the lines of what they are saying to suggest areas of improvement for me, as well as 3 follow up questions for them. My goal is to reveal their true opinions so I can level up. [Paste the feedback]” Analyze your expression Micro expressions are facial expressions that occur within a fraction of a second. This involuntary emotional leakage exposes a person’s true emotions. ChatGPT 4o can analyze images and videos for emotion. Head into your camera roll and find your last selfie, then upload it to ChatGPT, to have it read beyond the surface level smile and the sunny exterior. Find out what your facial expression is hiding from you. Repeat with a few selfies for a range of responses. “Analyze this image and provide an assessment of this person based on their facial expression, body language or anything else about their face and disposition from this picture. Make an assessment of their happiness, health and emotional wellbeing. Describe the feelings they are displaying or hiding.” Correct your course Smashing through limits doesn’t always require wholesale changes. You might be one or two edits away from a completely different life. Being honest with yourself about what to do is the first step, then it’s about putting edits in place in a sustainable way. Use ChatGPT to find the changes you need to make, and then get your plan of action. “I need to be honest with myself. Your task is to ask me this question, 7 times: “Being completely honest with yourself, what do you need to change?” I will respond each time. After my seventh response, suggest a plan, to cover the next 30 days, where I make small edits each day based on my answers. The goal is to find a sustainable cadence of improving.” Get perspective People overthink. Entrepreneurs especially can obsess over detail, talk themselves out of the right decision and overestimate other people, causing undue worry. For maximum chance of smashing through your ceilings, get some perspective on where you are right now. Your competitors are probably watching you just as much as you’re watching them, your clients need you more than you think, and you’re closer to achieving your goals than you give yourself credit for. Use this prompt to keep that in mind. “Your task is to help me get perspective, so I can stop overthinking and move past unhelpful habits of fear and worry. Ask me questions, one at a time, about where I’m overthinking. When I respond, guide me in a short, sharp, no-nonsense way to zoom out and get some perspective, including one compelling reason why my fears are nonsensical. After doing this for each scenario one at a time, move to the next.” Uncover your truth with ChatGPT: prompts for awareness and self-development You are the easiest person to fool. Make sure it doesn’t happen with these 5 prompts for ChatGPT. Decipher your doodles to reveal hidden gems, and read between the lines of feedback for ultimate growth potential. Analyze your expression in a recent picture then correct your course with sustainable optimisations. Finally, get perspective on your overthinking to be honest with yourself about what really matters. Make ChatGPT your trusted hype person, to smash through the limits that aren’t really there. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn. Check out my website or some of my other work here. Jodie Cook Following Editorial Standards Print Reprints & Permissions

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