Five of the UK’s most eligible bachelors still believed to be single after Duke of Westminster’s wedding

webnexttech | Five of the UK's most eligible bachelors still believed to be single after Duke of Westminster's wedding

The billionaire Duke of Westminster, once considered the UK’s most eligible bachelor, is now a married man. He tied the knot with his new wife Olivia, now the Duchess of Westminster, at Chester Cathedral last week in a grand ceremony attended by over 400 guests, including Prince William and Princess Eugenie. However, don’t panic, there are still several aristocratic bachelors yet to be snapped up. Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp Among them is Louis Spencer, a nephew of Princess Diana and cousin to Princes William and Harry. The eldest son of Diana’s brother Earl Spencer and his first wife, Victoria Lockwood, Louis has three glamorous older sisters – Lady Kitty, Lady Amelia and Lady Eliza Spencer. He’s been dubbed ‘the world’s most eligible bachelor’ and ‘Prince Harry lite’, reports the Mirror. At 30, Louis is known for being ‘super private’, but he’s also pursuing an acting career. He graduated with a First from ArtsEd, an independent performing arts school based in Chiswick, and is signed to talent agency Tavistock Wood. Listed as Louis John Lyons, he joins other famous faces represented by the agency, including Lily James, Rebel Wilson and Dustin Hoffman. Louis Spencer is set to inherit the sprawling 13,500-acre Althorp estate in Northamptonshire from his father, Earl Spencer, despite having three elder sisters. His eldest sister Kitty has expressed her support, stating: “We’ve grown up understanding that it’s Louis to inherit, and Louis will do an incredible job.” Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley In the Royal Family, Charles Armstrong-Jones maintains a low profile but remains one of its eligible bachelors. As the son of Earl Snowdon and grandson to Princess Margaret, he holds the distinction of being the only one with a title and is also a great-nephew to the late Queen. Currently 26th in line for the throne, he attended Eton College alongside his cousin Arthur Chatto. After Eton, the 24 year old pursued further education at Loughborough University and now pursues a career in music. His sister Margarita revealed to Tatler magazine: “He is very into his orchestral music. He is self-taught [and he] can sing, play the piano and the guitar. Somehow he combines it all together including online choirs on his laptop into one piece of music.” Cassius Taylor Lesser-known but apparently single, Cassius Taylor stands 49th in the succession line to the British throne. The Royal family boasts a mix of individuals who have forged careers in various fields including the arts, fashion and music. Among them is 27 year old, Casimir Taylor, grandson of the Duke of Kent, a cousin of the late Queen. Despite growing up away from the public eye alongside his siblings Columbus, Eloise and Estella, the DJ and brand ambassador found an affinity with the arts. After attending Wellington College in Berkshire, he acquired an art management degree at Goldsmiths University. He frequents festive activities such as Trooping the Colour and regularly takes to Instagram to share snapshots of his life, including pictures with his cousin, Lady Amelia Windsor. Typically deemed one of UK’s most feasible bachelors by Tatler, he shared: “I always knew I’d end up in the creative industries in some capacity, due to my upbringing, similar to everyone in my family.” George Percy Moving away from the immediate Royal bloodline, we find George Percy nestled closely amongst the royals. The 40 year old Earl Percy, known formerly as a page of honour for the late Queen, is poised to inherit the Duke of Northumberland title as well as a vast 100,000-acre estate, a staggering £509million fortune and Alnwick Castle. An alumnus of Old Etonian, Percy pursued his education at Edinburgh University, where he shared quarters with Pippa, the sister of the Princess of Wales. Percy leads a private life, largely away from public scrutiny. Charlie Gordon-Lennox Lastly, there’s Charlie Gordon-Lennox, the Earl of March and Kinrara. At just 29 years old, Charlie Gordon-Lennox, known as the Earl of March and Kinrara, boasts an impressive resume. A graduate from Oxford, he’s currently residing in New York where he has launched a menswear brand named Understated. Era. As the heir to the Duke of Richmond title, he is set to inherit the breath-taking Goodwood estate in Sussex, which spans over 12,000 acres and includes both the Goodwood racecourse and the Goodwood Aerodrome. Reflecting on his unique upbringing, he shared with Magneto magazine: “I never realised how different it was until I was ten or 11. I’d go to my mates’ houses because they were allowed to go on their computer for longer than I was, and they would come to my house because it was better for hide and seek. And then I started to realise, oh, wait, this is a bit weird.”

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