On the Road: Light shining through the storms

webnexttech | On the Road: Light shining through the storms

Which was, as near as I could tell, totally empty. All that springtime rain and snow had done nothing but make the lakebed muddy. But, it wasn’t ugly. No, not at all. There was a stand of dead poplars along the south shore where a meadowlark was singing. Off to the north, under the edge of that bruised sky, a little patch of peach showed where the sun was shining. The alkali flats of the lake bed glowed a kind of ghostly white. Yeah, lovely. I headed back toward town now, through off and on rain, following side roads to Strathmore and past the bisected slough before heading south and west again toward Langdon. Where I had to come to a rapid stop. The sky had suddenly turned pink, the setting sun finding its way through a hole in the dark clouds to brighten up their undersides with the day’s last light. Beautiful. But it was the sight in my side mirror that really finished off the day. A rainbow, a gorgeous 180-degree rainbow, that glowed like neon against that cerulean sky. It lasted for maybe five minutes and then, like my day, it was done. It had been a day of skies, some sunny, some dark. And some, like this one, spectacular. No, the skies didn’t look too bad, at all.

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