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Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin The Lexus TX500h F Sport Forbes When the Lexus TX made its national debut last fall it arrived to applause and rave reviews. In need of a true family-sized three-row SUV with an adult-sized third row that’s easy to access and with thoughtful appointments like lots of USB ports, as well as luxury staples such as power seats upholstered in leather, the TX filled a void in the Lexus lineup and tightened the competition in this very profitable segment. But it’s not just a fuel efficient hybrid. Lexus took the opportunity to pair its hybrid technology with a turbo 4-cylinder engine to generate 366 hp, enough to earn the F Sport badge, as well as F Sport suspension, rear wheel steering, all wheel drive and F Sport design details. Hybrid Power Boosts The TX 500h F Sport’s Performance In recent years, Toyota has used hybrid technology to both boost fuel economy and to boost power. The company’s systems can deliver more horsepower while still hitting admirable fuel economy numbers in many of its new Toyota and Lexus models, and that’s the idea behind the TX 500h. The Lexus TX 500h, priced at $72,650, is the sportiest version in the TX lineup, but still features nearly everything Lexus offers: all wheel drive, a panoramic sunroof, leather seating with heated and vented front seats, second row captains chairs, customizable ambient lighting, 22” wheels, electric-powered doors that open with the tap of a button sporty interior details. TX 500h F Sport buyers can only add a couple of packages: For $2,380, a digital rear view mirror, surround view camera, head up display and park assist can be added; for $895 buyers can add a digital key, traffic jam assist and cross traffic alert. MORE FOR YOU IMF Issues Serious U.S. Dollar Collapse Warning As The Fed Primes Bitcoin, Ethereum And XRP For A Crypto Price Boom Biden Vs Trump 2024 Election Polls Independents Less Likely To Support Trump Post Conviction House Of The Dragon Season 2 Episode 1 Recap And Review Blood And Cheese The interior of the Lexus TX 500h F Sport Lexus Performance Is The Mark Of Luxury Performance has long been a fundamental element of luxury cars, the challenge being to balance that power with ride quality and a quiet cabin. That’s where Lexus excels with the TX 500h. Its 366 hp system is powerful and you’ll hear it in sport mode, but its hybrid system also makes it quiet when that’s preferred. Leather and soft-touch materials further buffer the interior from outside noise, reducing all in-cabin sound to the quiet hum from the air vents, the Mark Levinson premium sound system or even the softest conversation, which is easy to hear. Technology is also a mark of true luxury, another place the Lexus TX 500h+ excels. On the road the Lexus TX 500h is powerful and confident, accelerating easily and quietly, but the F Sport suspension hugs the curves of the road. In sport mode, even more. This one doesn’t disappoint. Lexus TX 500h F Sport cabin with F Sport seats Lexus Multiple Drive Modes Enhance The Drive The key to life in the Lexus TC 500h F Sport is Sport mode. There are a couple of ways to select sport mode. Tap the car icon on the multimedia screen and drive modes are the top option. This gives you a nice large screen and allows you to customize your drive mode, or select normal, sport or eco. Or, for quick access screen, tap the six dots just next to the climate option on the main screen. This will display the last few drive modes you selected; you can swipe to find all drive modes, too. This is the fastest way to adjust your drive mode. Of course, sport mode is the lure here, but eco mode will maximize the hybrid system for the best fuel economy; the 500h F Sport is estimated get about 27 MPG. The head up display in the Lexus TX is incredibly vibrant Scotty Reiss This Head Up Display Is The Best In The Business Lexus has long offered a driver projection display to help drivers keep their eyes on the road, and the most recent system is the most sophisticated yet. It features layered graphics and multiple functions that can be easily and quickly customized, even on the fly. It starts with basics, speed and direction, and adds features as they are engaged. So, once navigation directions are set, turn by turn guidance is seen in the head up display. When adaptive cruise control is activated, the driver assist features can be seen in the head up display, from lane markings to car icons that represent traffic around the Lexus, even those in the driver’s blind spot or merging from other lanes. The driver can control what is seen via capacitive touch pads on the steering wheel. Just swipe your finger around the pad on either side to set cruise control, drive assist features or entertainment options. This head up display system is an innovation that was introduced a couple of years ago when the company rolled out its new tech interface. It’s offered as an option on all models and it’s standard on top trim models, including the 500h. The surround view camera displayed on the multimedia screen in the Lexus TX Scotty Reiss An Elevated In-car Technology System The multimedia system in the Lexus TX 500h is the same that’s found in all new Lexus models, and it’s a standard feature, delivering confidence but not surprises in its function. The system is anchored by it’s “Hey Lexus” voice activated assistance, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which can be wirelessly connected. Standard features include navigation, entertainment and climate, as well as vehicle functions that allow you to customize ambient lighting, driver assistance features and more. Making use of the system even more seamless is the wireless phone charge pad on the center console. This means you can toss your phone in the charger and the system instantly connects and charges, no cords needed. The system is defined by the 12.3” multimedia screen that anchors the dash, and a 12.3” driver display. Those, and the head up display, are the only screens in the TX, maintaining a subdued look and feel inside the cabin. Access to the 3rd row via slide and tilt seats Scotty Reiss Thoughtful Touches for Six Defines The TX Cabin The TX 500h features center row captains chairs and a 3rd row bench that seats two people. And, true to the TX design, all seats are roomy with lots of head and leg room. The third row is easy to climb in and out of, through both a center passthrough or slide-and-tilt captains chairs that create a nice wide entry to the third row. Captains chairs are powered for easy slide-and-tilt function. A console for cupholders and storage between the captains chairs is both low profile, so it can be stepped over, and removable, so it can just be popped out if it’s too cumbersome to climb over. There are USB ports for every seat, and third row passengers will find large cubbies for phone storage, as well as air vents and side windows, all making these seats comfortable, even for taller passengers. The Lexus TX in Nightfall Mica Scotty Reiss A Look And Feel That Belies Its Three-Row Size Lexus worked hard to retool the look of the TX to deliver a more cohesive, less controversial look inside and out. On the exterior it carries a softened front grille that is more body-colored metal than angular chrome; on the rear a lighted tail bar spans the tailgate as a stage for the Lexus name. Softened corners front and back create an illusion of a smaller frame; it’s a surprise to discover how spacious it is inside. The 500h F Sport badge, however, is a giveaway that this is a powerful, sporty version of this SUV. To know the true luxury of this SUV you’ll have to step inside. Once you do it’s clear, this is a different, elevated experience. And once you step on the accelerator, you’ll be convinced: the beauty of a hybrid just as much about power under foot as it is about the choice of how you use that power. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn. Scotty Reiss Following Editorial Standards Print Reprints & Permissions

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