Home » latest » WW3 fears explode as ‘network of Russian agents’ poised to attack NATO officials
ww3 fears explode as network of russian agents poised to attack nato officials

WW3 fears explode as ‘network of Russian agents’ poised to attack NATO officials

Volkivskyi said: “In July 2023 I also participated in the NATO summit in Vilnius. I remember that unprecedented security measures were observed in Vilnius – additional passport checks at the airport, and Lithuanian security on the streets. “Although even there, according to the latest statements, the Pentagon representative who attended the NATO summit in Vilnius had symptoms similar to the ‘Havana syndrome’. Russian intelligence services continue to operate using their agents around the world. “Thus, such crossing of red lines and [these] methods of warfare may further influence the conflict between NATO and Russia. Russia has a network of agents around the world, including in Western countries. As long as they are operating it will be a threat.” Volkivskyi also pointed to Russian missiles entering NATO airspace as a potential trigger for global conflict. Last week, Poland scrambled fighter jets after missiles fired by Russia entered its airspace. DON’T MISS:NATO ‘must prepare for Putin to launch masked war’ against Baltic states [INSIGHT]Nuclear war warning as ‘hundreds of millions will die in minutes’ [REPORT]Putin can exploit this NATO loophole to attack the US and NOT trigger Article 5 [LATEST]

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