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wild mullet wearing farmers descend on blackpool and spend £60000 on kebabs

Wild mullet-wearing farmers descend on Blackpool and spend £60,000 on kebabs

More than 6,000 ‘maniac’ mullet-sporting young farmers turned Blackpool into ‘chaos’ over the weekend. Despite coating club floors in sawdust and spending £60,000 on kebabs during their bender, the cops had no issue with their antics. Blackpool was flooded with more than 6,000 ‘maniac’ mullet-sporting young farmers over the weekend as clubs coated their floors in sawdust in preparation for the onslaught. The flood of farmers brought chaos with them, and £60,000 to spend on kebabs during their bender, but the cops said they had no issue with their antics. The DIY Young Farmers AGM (Annual General Meeting) took over the British seaside resort to let their questionable hair-dos down and replace combine harvesters with good craic, the Daily Star reports. The three day bender saw farmers descend on the seaside resort town from all over the country, even flying in from Ireland to enjoy performances from rapping farmer Dpart, YouTuber chats and DJ sets from Ultrabeat. The revelries started at 11am and did not stop until the following morning. Sam Hargreaves, from Preston, who is one of the organisers and founder of Tweedl, decided to capture the ‘off their head’ farmers on camera. The antics have catapulted the event to viral fame. “Put it this way, if you’re Blackpool you would have known they were there,” Sam told the Star. They’re lunatics, they’re off their head. “They’re covered in sawdust. There’s a video currently going viral of the floor in the nightclub and everyone is thinking it’s mud on the floor. But, it’s not. All of our venues out of their choice put sawdust down on the floor, which I know sounds barbaric.” “Every morning they put a dusting of sawdust on the floor just to soak up any spillages it’s not mud just to set the record straight. A lot of people were saying its cow muck, it’s really not.” One video managed to rack up an impressive 1.2million views on TikTok, garnering a lot of attention thanks to an exotic array of mullets on show. If their appearance didn’t raise eyebrows then the raucous behaviour of the young farmers certainly did, with the comments section full of claims the young farmers are badly behaved. The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs cancelled their annual AGM in 2018 due to previous bad behaviour but Sam insisted that the young farmers were not out to cause chaos. He continued: “Every hotel is booked up, you can’t get a taxi and we know there’s a takeaway that took £60,000 in kebabs and pizza over the weekend. A ridiculous amount of money is brought into the economy, and they do recognise that. They’re crazy people but they’re there to have a laugh we have meetings with the councils, meetings with the police and the managers with each place we work with. “On Sunday night we spoke to the police and we said are you happy and they said ‘absolutely, they’re maniacs but they’re here to have fun not here to cause trouble’ and that’s the reality of it.” Despite the farmers drawing flack online for their boozy behaviour, Sam said there was an important purpose behind the annual get together. “Farmers just generally spend a lot of their time on their own whether that be sat on a tractor or out on the farm. So massive gatherings of farmers don’t happen, so for us to be able to do that and be a part of it, I feel very special.”

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