Why ‘viability’ is dividing the U.S. abortion rights movement

webnexttech | Why 'viability' is dividing the U.S. abortion rights movement
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“Viability is the framework that Florida had used until the legislators started passing abortion bans,” Brenzel said.“What we know is that voters understand this, and we see it as clear and concise language that matches with what the standard was in Florida for a long time.” Viability language in Florida’s proposed measure has already opened the door to a legal challenge from the state’s Republican attorney general, who has asked the state Supreme Court to keep the measure off the ballot because of vagueness over the meaning of the term.
A few states, including California and Vermont, have enshrined abortion rights in their constitutions without viability limits.
Proposed amendments in Maryland and New York also don’t mention viability.
Missouri has found itself in the center of the national debate over the issue as abortion-rights groups have split over which of 11 versions of a measure to support for the ballot.
The petitions have been tied up in court for months after being challenged by Republican Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft.
Complicating the effort is another initiative petition — one proposed by a Republican, strategist Jamie Corley.
It would allow abortions up to 12 weeks into pregnancy and include exceptions for rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother until viability.

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