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why do republicans care more about foreign aid than foreign policy

Why do Republicans care more about foreign aid than foreign policy?

Which is the more impeachable offense: Actively siding with terrorists and using U.S. tax dollars and diplomacy to support them against Israel or denying Israel weapons? Republicans had no problem funding Joe Biden’s jihad against Israel both in the form of aid to Gaza and unfreezing Iranian assets. Yet, Biden’s decision to withhold foreign aid to Israel is their last straw, prompting Rep. Cory Mills (R-Fla.) to file articles of impeachment alleging “abuse of power” and an illegal “quid pro quo.” The anger is justified but misdirected. Why does withholding foreign aid get Republicans’ juices flowing more than the activefunding and enabling of Hamas and Iran? No country — not even an ally — is entitled to U.S. aid. Presidents have the authority to defer spending authorized by Congress, at least temporarily. That isn’t grounds for impeachment. What should be an impeachable offense, however, is actively siding with terrorists who are holding Americans hostage as a means of extorting Israel into stopping the war and releasing thousands of Hamas murderers. Sadly, many of the same Republicans inveighing against Biden’s “pause” of a delivery of precision munitions to Israel just approved at least $9 billion in aid to Hamas, along with funds to build a port on the coast of Gaza. Perhaps one day we will understand why Republicans have such a fetish for foreign aid to the point they are willing to fund both sides of the same war. Why have Republicans stood by as Biden undermined the Israeli war effort and sided with terrorists since October 7? They had political leverage with must-pass appropriations bills, including the National Defense Authorization Act and the recent foreign aid bill but refused to use it. Following Iran’s unprecedented ballistic missile attack on Israel in April, Reuters reported that the administration knew about Iran’s attack beforehand and even negotiated its scope and size with the terrorist country. “Iran informed Turkey in advance of its planned operation against Israel … [and] Washington had conveyed to Tehran via Ankara that any action it took had to be ‘within certain limits,’” the news service reported a day after Iran launched around 170 drones, over 30 cruise missiles, and more than 120 ballistic missiles at Israel. “Iran informed us in advance of what would happen. Possible developments also came up during the meeting with [Antony] Blinken, and [the U.S.] conveyed to Iran through us that this reaction must be within certain limits,” the Turkish official said of negotiations directly with the U.S. secretary of state. This bombshell report went over the heads our supposedly hawkish Republican senators. Here was a clear example of the Biden administration working actively with an enemy against Israel. It was public information before the vote on the foreign aid bill. Where was the clamor to deny Biden his demands for billions in aid for Hamas and another $60 billion for Ukraine? Where was the demand to stop undermining Israel and building a pier for Hamas? Instead, they obsequiously gave Biden everything he wanted, funded Hamas, but thought that because they were also funding Israel (both sides of the same war!), all would be well. Well, you can’t blame Biden for taking the GOP concessions and sitting on the Israel aid while using the rest for Israel’s enemies. You can’t blame Biden for not taking the GOP seriously when it rewarded him after he helped coordinate an Iranian attack on Israel. Again, which is worse: Funding terrorists and providing them with diplomatic, logistic, and moral support or not funding Israel while subsidizing its enemies? This absurdity was on full display when it issued waivers to allow weapons sales to Hamas’ allies in Lebanon, Qatar, and Iraq. Worse, our military is close to completing a floating pier to serve as a Gaza port. Not only is it wrong to supply Gaza with anything other than a scarlet letter, but this port will also create yet another permanent U.S. security obligation in the region. The pier has already come under fire, presumably from the very Hamas beasts we are feeding with the hand they bite. Unless we put an end to this escapade, it could easily turn into another Beirut barracks calamity. We will reap what we sow. We need to move away from this misguided obsession with foreign aid. It was absurd for Democrats to impeach Donald Trump over withholding foreign aid from Ukraine, and likewise, it would be absurd to impeach Biden over withholding aid to Israel. What should warrant impeachment, however, is Biden’s active support for Israel’s enemies, who are also our enemies. For example, the United States is reportedly withholding intelligence from Israel about the location of the masterminds behind the October 7 attacks. That’s far worse — and surely far more impeachable — than withholding taxpayer-funded aid. All things being equal, I’d prefer that Republicans pass a bill cutting off weapons to Israel’s enemies than the bill they plan to pass on Wednesday to prohibit the Pentagon from delaying weapon transfers to Israel. Then again, if Republicans can’t bring themselves to care about our own border security, it’s no surprise they would be ineffective in defending Israel’s security from Biden’s pro-Hamas policies — so long as Israel gets its share of the foreign-aid pie. Perhaps one day we will understand why Republicans have such a fetish for foreign aid to the point they are willing to fund both sides of the same war.

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