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west must stop israel if really cares about regions security

West must stop Israel if really cares about region’s security

In a statement on Monday night, Nasser Kan’ani strongly condemned the Israeli airstrikes against residential areas in Rafah, which led to the martyrdom of dozens of Palestinian citizens. Referring to Rafah’s hosting of more than one million Palestinian refugees, the senior Iranian diplomat warned that the Zionist regime’s invasion of Rafah could cause a humanitarian disaster and another war crime against the defenseless Palestinian nation. Such an action is not only disruptive to the ongoing ceasefire negotiations but also contrary to the ICJ order, he added. While warning about the dangerous consequences of this barbaric act and expressing concern about the continuation of the Zionist regime’s genocidal crimes, Kan’ani emphasized that now is the time for the US and other Zionist regimes’ Western allies to take immediate action to stop the insane behavior of the Zionist officials if they really care about the security and stability of the region. He also urged the international bodies, especially the UN, to fulfill their responsibility in preventing the continuation of the Zionist regime’s attack on the Gaza Strip and the escalation of the humanitarian disaster. MP/6022777

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