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watch thief breaks into infiniti at shelby farms in broad daylight

WATCH: Thief breaks into Infiniti at Shelby Farms in broad daylight

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Video footage captured a man breaking into the sunroof of an Infiniti at Shelby Farms Wednesday. Uday Sripathi says he comes to Shelby Farm Park every evening to walk his dog. On Wednesday, he parked his car in the P2 Outback parking lot. It was there that his car was broken into. Video footage showed a suspect using their hand to break the sunroof window. Sripathi tells WREG the thief took $20 and his expired driver’s license. “You may have won $20. But for me, it’s weeks worth of earnings. This is going to set me back a lot.” The victim says he had a steering wheel lock and camera in his car, but it did not stop the thief from breaking inside. “Infinitis are a common target for the thefts,” said Sripathi. “I tried to be safe and put the club. They broke the club but luckily they could not get it off the steering wheel. I guess they gave up and left.” Stripathi believes there is a policing issue that needs to be addressed. “The courts need to not let them out as quickly as they come in and not have a revolving door for this kind of crime.” Nonetheless, he says this will not stop him from going to Shelby Farms Park. He just wants more done. “I keep hearing so much about thefts at that park and I hope the police can do something. I would hate to not go there.” Copyright 2024 Nexstar Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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