webnexttech | UK snow storm mapped as Brits to be battered by hail and sleet in just a matter of hours
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Brits are facing further weather woes this week as a new onslaught on hail and sleet is forecast to batter the isles in a matter of hours.A series of Met Office weather maps shows an enormous trail of freezing precipitation engulfing Britain and Ireland from around 3am on Friday morning.
The freak torrent will be heaviest in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but will reach as far south as Manchester, the Midlands and north Wales, when it first makes landfall in the early hours of tomorrow.
As the hours wear on, the orange feature dwindles from the maps, but will remain in some parts of Scotland until tomorrow night.
It comes after Storm Jocelyn set in earlier this week, delivering catastrophic gales and downpours.
The 10th storm of the season already, the UK is on track for breaking records with this year’s already-devastating storm season.
Jocelyn made landfall just after Storm Isha careened through with 107mph gusts, which led to a number of deaths and widespread damage.
The Met Office maps were uploaded shortly after similar charts from WXCharts claimed to show a rare phenomenon called freezing rain, which is due to hit Scotland on January 30.
Freezing rain is particularly dangerous because it can make driving incredibly unsafe.
The phenomenon happens when liquid rain freezes at the moment it hits a cold surface.
Speaking about the occurence, the Met Office said it only happens under “quite specific” conditions.
Alongside causing icicles to form on cars and buildings, the Met Office said that freezing rain can cause further problems too.
It said: “However, it is not just these eye-catching scenes that the freezing rain can bring.
“The weight of the ice can sometimes be heavy enough to bring down trees and power lines, and the glaze of ice on the ground effectively turns roads and pathways into an ice rink.
The freezing rain can also prove extremely hazardous for aircraft.” Explaining how it forms, it said: “Freezing rain tends to start its life as snow, ice, sleet or hail, but passes through a layer of air that’s above 0C on the way down to the ground, melting into a liquid water droplet.
If these droplets then fall through a zone of sub-zero air just above the ground, they become supercooled.
When these supercooled droplets strike surfaces that are close to or below freezing, they freeze on impact forming a glaze of ice.”

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