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us canada seek clarity from israel on canadian family taken custody from gaza strip

U.S., Canada seek clarity from Israel on Canadian family taken custody from Gaza Strip

“We felt that (our family members) are really second-rate citizens. We understand the situation. But I think that’s the Canadian authorities have the power to push for it, to get their citizens out.” When asked Monday whether American consular officials have met with those who were detained, U.S. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said American officials “don’t have clarity on the situation” and are seeking more information from the Israeli government. Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly said she’s raised the case with her Israeli counterpart as well as the Israeli military branch that operates in Gaza. “This is of the utmost priority for us,” she said Monday on Parliament Hill. She added that parliamentary secretary Pam Damoff “has been in contact with the family.” Khalil and Yasmeen said they’re handling all government communications from the family and had not heard from Damoff. Joly’s office did not have an immediate response when asked whom Damoff has contacted. Joly added that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s requirement for Palestinians to evacuate the southern Gaza city of Rafah ahead of more military strikes makes no sense, since the entire territory is unsafe and neighbouring Egypt has reinforced its border. “What the Netanyahu government is asking them to do, which is to leave again, is unacceptable, because they have nowhere to go. And so that’s why we need right now for the violence to stop.”

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