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Trump’s Trial Menu: What’s for Lunch?

The midday routine is perhaps familiar to New Yorkers stuck in their apartments or their offices all over the city. The Trump team has had not only pizza, but also sandwiches and McDonald’s. Mr. Trump’s fondness for fast food is well documented. He has been photographed eating KFC and has ordered McDonald’s for sports teams visiting the White House. And so, shortly before 1 p.m. on Thursday, two brawny men in suits walked briskly down Baxter Street behind the Criminal Courts Building where Mr. Trump is on trial. Each carried seven pizza boxes. The food each day must be carried into the courthouse, taken through the heightened security and maneuvered upstairs. This was not the first time during the five-week trial in State Supreme Court in Manhattan that Mr. Trump and his associates have had pizza for lunch, Mr. Maldonado said, noting that Thursday’s was the second order this week.

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