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trumps lawyer attacks michael cohen in hush money trial

Trump’s lawyer attacks Michael Cohen in hush-money trial

Although Cohen said he didn’t regret working for Mr Trump or his organisation, he said he had “violated my moral compass” in order to do Mr Trump’s bidding. The FBI raided Cohen’s apartment in April 2018. He spoke to then-President Trump, who told him “stay tough, you’re going to be OK.” “I felt reassured because I had the president of the United States protecting me,” Cohen testified. But it would be the last direct conversation between the two men. Cohen – who once said he would “take a bullet” for Mr Trump – said he spoke to his family after being targeted by a federal investigation. He testified that at that point, he decided not to continue lying on behalf of his most famous client. After court wrapped up on Tuesday, Mr Trump told reporters that his team had “a very good day” and criticised a gag order limiting what he can say publicly about the judge’s family, witnesses and others involved in the case. “I would love to not be under the gag order,” he said. A number of Mr Trump’s Republican allies and possible running mates for November’s elections have attended the trial this week. House Speaker Mike Johnson, currently the top Republican in the US government and in line to succeed the president after the vice president, was present on Tuesday and spoke to reporters outside. Former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and Representative Byron Donalds of Florida also attended the trial.

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