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tricky itv the chase question that bradley walsh didnt understand can you answer it

Tricky ITV The Chase question that Bradley Walsh ‘didn’t understand’ – can you answer it?

ITV’s The Chase is a popular quiz show where contestants try and see if they can beat the Chaser and take home money. While some questions are easy, others take a lot of thinking and when it comes to the real deal, you don’t have long to answer before Bradley Walsh yells at you to press the button before time runs out. And it seems this one was a real head scratcher – but can you answer it? Reading the question out to contestant Jo, even Bradley admitted it was a tough one saying: “I don’t understand.” The question was: “In 2017, a special edition of what book was released that can only be read when the pages are burnt?” If you managed to get the question right without the A, B, and C multiple-choice options, give yourself a massive pat on the back. If you’re just as clueless as Bradley Walsh was, then here are your three potential answers: A) Fahrenheit 451 B) Frankenstein C) Fifty Shades of Grey They’re certainly three very different types of books, but those who are familiar with Fahrenheit 451 will know that’s the correct answer. Contestant Jo made an educated guess and it was the right one. However it didn’t help her to advance in the competition, reports the Mirror. Chaser Anne Hegerty explained the conundrum to Bradley, pointing out that 451°F was the temperature at which books burn, and we bet you didn’t know that. If you’re looking for more to keep your brain busy, why not attempt to spot the woman’s face in this optical illusion which can only be seen by ‘people with high IQs’. If you want another challenge, why not try spotting three women in this brainteaser. At first glance it might just look like a side-profile of a man with a beard. Take a closer look and there’s actually three women in the image. Don’t miss the latest news from around Scotland and beyond. Sign up to our daily newsletter .

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