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touching moment well wisher asks charles and camilla to pass on best wishes to kate as king shakes hands with 56 fans and tells them im doing my best amid his own cancer battle

Touching moment well-wisher asks Charles and Camilla to pass on ‘best wishes’ to Kate – as King shakes hands with 56 fans and tells them ‘I’m doing my best’ amid his own cancer battle

This is the sweet moment the King and Queen are asked to pass on ‘best wishes’ to the Princess of Wales from a member of the public. Charles and Camilla shook hands with dozens of people who lined up outside St George’s Chapel in Windsor today, in what was the most significant public appearance for the monarch since his diagnosis last month. A woman holding a Welsh flag – dressed in a matching bright red coat and hat, called to the Queen to get her attention, ‘Your Majesty, Your Majesty’. She then continued: ‘Best wishes to the Princess of Wales’ to which Camilla nods in acknowledgement. By her side, King Charles responded: ‘Thank you very much.’ The King was seen shaking hands with 56 people as he was given a homemade card and promised concerned royal fans that he is doing his ‘best’. The woman who asked for her well-wishes to be passed on then says ‘Camilla is 17 now’. Charles looked back at her and paused before she clarified that her King Charles spaniel is called Camilla. The Prince and Princess of Wales were not in attendance as they continue to recuperate in private with their three young children at Amner Hall, their country home – where they can ‘will close off from the world and move on’. Following Kate’s emotional video last Friday, the King said he was ‘so proud’ of the princess for her courage in speaking out, and is said to be in ‘the closest contact with his beloved daughter-in-law’. The outpouring of support comes after the Royal Family was rocked not only King Charles’ illness, but the Princess of Wales’ diagnosis with cancer. Just over a week ago, Kate, 42, revealed that she was undergoing preventative chemotherapy in an emotional video that sent shockwaves across the world. The monarch, 75, was in high spirits today and his visit could be seen as a very ‘significant’ step in his cancer recovery, a Palace source said. Charles received the shock cancer diagnosis just 17 months into his reign as King while undergoing a hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement. Speaking to MailOnline, the Palace source said today’s walkabout marks a ‘significant’ step in Charles’s recovery, adding: ‘As can be seen, The King has responded to treatment very encouragingly over the past weeks. ‘His doctors were thus able to adjust their guidance slightly on what His Majesty is now able to undertake, including attendance at the Easter service and greeting wellwishers who had kindly turned out to show their support. ‘To be clear, His Majesty’s treatment continues and caution is of course the watchword, but as diary plans are evolved towards summer, we hope to see more of these carefully-calibrated steps towards the resumption of some public facing duties for The King, with adjustments made where necessary. ‘Nothing will be confirmed until nearer the time, plans remain in flux and are subject to medical guidance, but there is great hope and optimism from both doctors and the patient.’ The source added that while His Majesty has been undertaking all his official duties in private, and has been photographed at a number of smaller Palace engagements, today is likely to have offered wider public reassurance that His Majesty is ‘doing well and that the the road ahead is looking very positive’. At today’s walkabout, one royal fan leaned over to tell Charles: ‘Happy Easter your Majesty – keep going strong and never give in’. Others were heard saying ‘nice to see you’ and asking the monarch ‘how are you’ as Charles and Queen Camilla walked by. Earlier today the King was seen beaming as he arrived in his maroon state Bentley ahead of today’s church service. It marked a ‘gentle’ return to public life, after he stepped back from his normal duties last month. The King’s cheery appearance will provide great reassurance to the public after the monarch took a step back from his official duties following his diagnosis last month. While his appearance served as instant boost to public morale, the royal family’s Easter service walkabout looked markedly different to previous years. Just 12 months ago – during his first Easter service as King – Charles was seen arriving by foot, leading the firm into the Chapel alongside William, Kate and their three children. This year, however, the King arrived in a separate vehicle alongside his wife, in a bid to shield him from infection during his treatment – as per doctor’s orders. The smaller than normal royal party arrived in two Range Rovers. The first one contained the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, with their son, James, Earl of Wessex, while the second had the Princess Royal and the Duke and Duchess of York. The royal family were then lead into the chapel by Prince Andrew. Many of the senior-royals appeared to co-ordinate their outfits at the traditional service, with Queen Camilla, Princess Anne and Sarah Ferguson all looking elegant in green. The Queen was wearing a green cost dress by Anna Valentine and a hat by Philip Treacey with an emerald and diamond brooch belonging to Queen Elizabeth. During the service, the King in the Sovereign’s Seat, which was situated near to the front of the alter while his family took their usual places in the stalls. Well-wishers were seen stood outside the chapel this morning as the awaited the King’s arrival, holding balloons that read ‘get well soon’ as well as ‘happy Easter’. Two royal fans, draped in the Union Jack and Welsh flag, clutched onto life-size cut outs of the King and Princess of Wales as they awaited the monarchs arrival. Anne Daley, 65, from Cardiff, Wales, held up a Welsh flag when the King arrived said: ‘Did you see the smile (Charles) gave me? He pointed at my flag. He had a lovely smile. He looked well. I think he was happy that we’ve all come.’ She added: ‘I wanted to show my support for King Charles and the Princess of Wales who we are all wishing well. We want to show them that we miss them, Wales misses her. She may not be here but she is not forgotten.’ The Easter Matins Service – as it is officially known – concluded around 11.45am. The King was applauded by members of the public as he left St George’s Chapel to cries of ‘Happy Easter’. Camilla was presented with a posy of white and yellow flowers by a young boy Prince Andrew leading the royals into the service follows royal protocol – despite Prince Edward having been endorsed as the leading figure during Charles’ treatment. ‘In the absence of Prince William, his brother Prince Harry, and their children, Andrew has precedence as eighth in line to the throne, despite the dark clouds that gather over his head as a result of his ill-judged friendship with the late, unlamented serial child abuser Jeffrey Epstein,’ royal expert Michael Colet told the Sunday paper. ‘The King is a man of faith and Easter has always been of great importance to him. ‘He was determined to attend St George’s Chapel, leading the Royal Family in the celebration of Christ’s resurrection, the most significant date in the Christian calendar.’ Charles and Camilla will not attend a reception or host a private family lunch as per their doctors’ orders, the Sunday Express reported last night. This is to make sure the monarch does not come into close contact with any potential infection. Aides have reportedly said that His Majesty’s attendance at any event is ‘to be hoped for and planned for rather than assumed’, as he continues to focus on his health. Meanwhile a palace source told the Telegraph the King’s attendance is a ‘sign of things heading in the right direction’. The King has been receiving treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer since early February after he had an operation for an enlarged prostate at the London Clinic. While the monarch stepped back from public-facing duties as he continues to undergo his treatment, he has still been carrying out low-key official duties behind the palace walls. William is due to return to public duties after his children return to school following the Easter break. For now, he will continue to balance supporting his wife and family, and maintaining his official duties as he has done since her operation in January. It is not known how long Kate will be receiving treatment but it is understood she may be keen to attend events as and when she feels able to, in line with medical advice, although this will not indicate a return to full-time duties. The King and Princess’ recent cancer diagnoses have laid bare Charles’ stripped back monarchy. Queen Camilla stood in for the King at the ancient Royal Maundy ceremony in Worcester earlier this week, marking the first time a consort has performed the duty on behalf of the monarch. Maundy recipients and members of the public gave their well wishes to the King and the Princess of Wales as they met the Queen, who handed out ceremonial coins to people recognised for their community service in the traditional Easter service. While her arrival was dampened by the shouts of Republic protestors, who had gathered outside the cathedral and loudly chanted ‘Down with the Crown’, the rest of the ceremony proceeded as planned. Camilla was presented with a small bouquet of flowers, traditionally called the Nosegay, which, on request of the King, had been made by local volunteers who had picked the flowers from their garden. In a spectacle of tradition and pageantry, Camilla then began the Maundy ritual – usually conducted by the monarch – of handing out specially minted coins to 75 men and 75 women, the number reflecting the age of the King. Bishop John Inge then gave a blessing to the King in which he said he hoped Camilla would ‘convey to him our love and respects’. In Charles’s speech, there was no mention of family health matters – his own cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as that of his daughter-in-law, the Princess of Wales. Instead, the King stressed the importance of acts of friendship ‘especially in a time of need’ in the personal Easter message. Charles’ pre-recorded audio – his first public words since Kate revealed she was undergoing chemotherapy – was broadcast in his absence. He said how Jesus Christ set an ‘example of how we should serve and care for each other’, and how as a nation ‘we need and benefit greatly from those who extend the hand of friendship to us, especially in a time of need’. While the King did not directly refer to his and his daughter-in-law’s health, his words will be interpreted as reflecting on the nation’s response to his and Kate’s challenges as they continue treatment for cancer. The Princess released an emotional video message last Friday revealing she has started a course of preventative chemotherapy. She later was said to be ‘extremely moved’ by the public support following her announcement. The King told last month how he had been reduced to tears by the messages and cards of support he received from well-wishers. Charles, who only acceded to the throne 18 months ago, also reamplified his Coronation pledge ‘not to be served but to serve’. He has recorded a Bible reading and, in his brief personal message, will describe the Maundy money recipients as ‘wonderful examples of such kindness’ in ‘giving so much of their lives to the service of others in their communities’. He will also re-amplify his own Coronation pledge: ‘Not to be served but to serve.’ It was recorded as an audio instead of on video as Worcester Cathedral does not have the capacity to play a television message. At last year’s service, the King and Queen attended along with Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Sophie and Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence. Charles and Camilla wore matching royal blue outfits, with the King in a suit and the Queen Consort wearing a coat dress by Anna Valentine with a Philip Treacy hat. They left the service separately, with Camilla stopping to receive a bouquet from Harriet, 10. Camilla waved to members of the public and wished them a ‘Happy Easter’, before getting into a waiting car. Charles also greeted the crowd, receiving a round of applause as he left the Easter Matins Service at St George’s Chapel, in the shadow of Windsor Castle, a few minutes later. The Prince and Princess of Wales attended with their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. Four-year-old Prince Louis made his debut, holding the hand of his mother, the Princess of Wales. He glanced seriously at the waiting media as he entered and later left the service, while the Princess offered a brief smile and a greeting. His elder sister Charlotte gave a sweet hello to well wishers watching on.

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