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ticker gas prices up in massachusetts judge orders musk to testify in sec probe

Ticker: Gas prices up in Massachusetts; Judge orders Musk to testify in SEC probe

Gas prices ticked up this week in Massachusetts, causing some heartburn for drivers just in time for Valentine’s Day. The average price for a gallon of gas climbed 2 cents, to $3.16, according to the latest survey from AAA Northeast. The price at the pump is a penny higher than a month ago, and 23 cents higher than a year ago, according to the auto club. Gas in Massachusetts is 3 cents lower than the national average. “Higher oil prices, strong gasoline demand, and both routine and unexpected refinery maintenance are driving higher pump prices,” said Mark Schieldrop, Senior Spokesperson for AAA Northeast. “Prices could continue climbing over the next few weeks as refinery maintenance season puts an increased strain on supply.” Judge orders Musk to testify in SEC probe A judge has ordered Elon Musk to testify for a third time as part of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation into his $44 billion purchase of Twitter, now called X, in 2022. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler issued an order over the weekend giving Musk, his team and the SEC a week to agree on a date and location for Musk’s testimony. In a court hearing last December, Beeler said she would issue an order if the two sides couldn’t agree on when and where the Tesla and SpaceX CEO would testify. “The parties, at least initially, agreed to a date but ultimately the respondent did not appear and resists the subpoena on the grounds that the SEC’s investigation is baseless and harassing and seeks irrelevant information,” Beeler wrote in the order in federal court in Northern California. Beeler said that the court is enforcing the SEC’s subpoena and that the testimony is “not unduly burdensome” for Musk. The SEC had given Musk the option to testify in Texas, where he lives.

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