Home » latest » The Rangers revelation Philippe Clement aired about an Ibrox director is no surprise and here’s why
the rangers revelation philippe clement aired about an ibrox director is no surprise and heres why

The Rangers revelation Philippe Clement aired about an Ibrox director is no surprise and here’s why

Philippe Clement’s revelation in Portugal about one of Rangers’ directors suggesting domestic silverware might be more important than Europe didn’t come as much of a surprise. Plenty of fans are fully on board with the notion. It’s understandable. Rangers have not exactly stockpiled major trophies on the home front in the last decade and each one of them is special. This season could be heading for a spectacular conclusion when at one point it looked a write-off. The fact Clement is on the trail of a Treble almost defies physics. But he’s bang in the hunt now and a clean sweep would go down as one of the club’s greatest achievements. Then there is Europe. It’s almost seen as a bit of fun but there’s a potential for it to get in the way of the league and Scottish Cup charge. Everyone knows it can be a problem. Already a few players are starting to look like their tanks are running on empty. Poor John Lundstram has been a Duracell bunny this season but the other night in Lisbon he staggered off like he’d done a marathon with a caravan on his back. It does take its toll. But that doesn’t mean Europe should be treated like a Brucey bonus. We need to get out of this mindset in Scotland. If we are to be treated like a proper football nation we need our sides to be cutting it on the continent. It’s just as well Rangers have been doing their bit. Sure, the Champions League campaign last year was a pants-down job but no one can poke holes in their Europa League exploits. Across the city, Celtic had a free run at the Champions League for a decade but did the square root of naff all with it. Six group stage appearances in 14 years and no knockout wins since Joe Biden was a nipper is a serious embarrassment. Meanwhile, Rangers have been flying the flag even after their detour down the leagues. If anything, Gers have not had the credit they deserve for the Euro runs of recent years. Coming through all the qualifiers and getting to the Europa League Final in 2022 – and within a penalty of winning the thing – is one of the greatest achievements in Scottish football history. To go from where they were in 2012 to that stage in 10 years was just ridiculous. It was a far bigger achievement than winning the Premiership. Celtic fans might start twitching at that suggestion but their argument is up the lum given they still go on about Seville more than 20 years ago. In case they have forgotten, Celtic didn’t win a trophy that season. Listen, it’s going to be a tall order for Rangers to go all the way this season with the likes of Liverpool and Roma in the running. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a good bash at it. Clement’s men have one foot in the last-eight after another superb result against Benfica the other night. Clement doesn’t seem scared by the prospect of fighting on two fronts – and neither should fans.

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