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the duke of wellington lostock has new manager in place

The Duke of Wellington Lostock has new manager in place

Kieron Stallard has been in and out of the industry for around 10 years and used to manage The White Bull in Chorley for about two or three years. He took over The Duke of Wellington on St John’s Road in November last year, and says it is going really well. He added: “I am really enjoying it and getting to know and meet the customers. “A lot of customers have said they like that we have more options since Adam Griffiths took over as the landlord eight months ago. Read our top stories below: Bolton man who bit two police officers avoids prison Bolton breaks tradition to allow hypnotism to return to town New £700k pedestrian crossing plan ‘welcomed improvement’, says councillor “We are a village pub and there are not many pubs around here apart from this, and we are all about the community. “The closest one is The White Horse, but it’s about a mile away.” The pub’s kitchen is currently undergoing a refurbishment, and Kieron says he hopes to be able to serve food in the next couple of weeks. Prior to this, the pub has not served food for as long as a decade. He added: “A lot of people have asked us to get the food back on. “We are having the kitchen redone, so we will serve food soon, and the food will be traditional pub style food, which we should be able to serve in the next couple of weeks.” Although Kieron started during one of the busiest times of the year, he says that everyone has been really welcoming. He says the best thing about being a manager is being your own boss, and that he could not do it without his team behind him. Kieron added: “Getting along with your staff and making sure they are okay is important because the pub won’t run otherwise.” The pub often holds events, and has a DJ on a Friday night, and a singer on a Sunday afternoon, which Kieron says are the busiest times of the week. If you would like to be featured in our Pub of the Week feature or know a pub that you think we should include, please email me at jasmine.jackson@newsquest.co.uk or DM me on X @JournoJasmine.

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