Home » latest » Terrifying moment ride breaks at student festival leaving teenager injured in hospital
terrifying moment ride breaks at student festival leaving teenager injured in hospital

Terrifying moment ride breaks at student festival leaving teenager injured in hospital

A student was rushed to hospital after a terrifying incident at a university festival when a ride broke. The scary moment happened at the ‘Chestival’, a fun day organised by the University of Chester’s Students’ Union, when a part of the ‘Superstar’ ride came loose and hit two of the attraction’s fast-moving cars before crashing to the ground. The video shows the large panel narrowly missing people as it fell, sending pieces of glass flying everywhere. Caitlin Colclough, 19, a first year history and politics student, was on the ride at the time and had to be taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital by ambulance. Caitlin’s mum, Mandy Hancock, said she was really upset after seeing the video of the accident. She said: “I was crying my eyes out watching the video. When I watched in slow motion it was very, very scary. It has given me a few nightmares.” Mandy wasn’t sure if Caitlin heard the loud noise during the ride because everyone was screaming and having fun. She explained: “I don’t know if she heard the bang or not, because obviously there was a lot of screaming on the ride from people on it and enjoying it. The piece landed on them, but the ride kept going. I thought it would have had an emergency stop.” Ms Hancock, from Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, said the CT scan carried out Sunday came back all clear. She added: “They [staff at Countess of Chester Hospital] said the concussion can take a few weeks to resolve. She’s having blurred vision and really bad headaches, and she’s going dizzy when she stands up which makes her feel sick.” The event continued after the incident, but the ride was shut down, reports Cheshire Live. Chester Students’ Union said it had informed the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and that the ride was provided by an external operator. Ms Hancock, from described the response following the incident from the University and Students’ Union as “radio silence.” “It’s disappointing how it has been handled post-accident,” she said. “The support that has been in place has been very limited. I know it was the Easter weekend, but just a note under her door would have gone a long way, just to say ‘give us a call on this number if you need anything. “I would never say a bad word about Chester Uni, because up until this point it has been very positive, but it’s just looking at what can change moving forward.” Jamie Morris, Chief Executive Officer of Chester Students’ Union, said: “There was an incident involving a fairground ride at Chestival (a Chester Students’ Union organised event held at Exton Park Campus) on Wednesday, March 27, and the ride was closed immediately. Two students were taken to hospital as a precaution and were discharged on the same day. “Both the Students’ Union and the University’s Wellbeing team has been in close contact with the students throughout to offer support. The incident has been reported to the HSE to pick up with the external ride operator as necessary.” A spokesperson for North West Ambulance Service confirmed two ambulances attended the University of Chester after being called to the site at 3.10pm. There were no serious injuries and one person was taken to hospital.

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