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swifties are freaking out over travis and jason kelce teasing a surprise guest for new heights podcast

Swifties Are Freaking Out Over Travis and Jason Kelce Teasing a Surprise Guest for ‘New Heights’ Podcast

The Kelce brothers, NFL stars Travis and Jason, have stirred up anticipation for the upcoming episode of their New Heights podcast by teasing a mystery “special guest” set to feature this week.Their podcast, known for hosting notable figures like Travis’s teammate Patrick Mahomes, former Eagle Beau Allen, and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, has been nominated for a Webby Award and is a favorite among fans. Despite their history of impressive guests, they’ve left fans in the dark about who will appear on the show on Wednesday, April 3, but many are crossing their fingers and toes it’s Kelce’s pop superstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift.The New Heights account posted on X, formerly Twitter, asking fans who they think the special guest is. Replies from eager listeners include: “Taylor Swift?? No??? I mean we can only hope,” and demands like “I will only accept Taylor,” and “We need @taylorswift13 and Kylie on the pod together!” Some fans even shared GIFs of Swift, hinting at their hopes for her appearance.On the contrary, some football fans of Travis, 34, and Jason, 36, think otherwise. One X user said, “It’s a football podcast. Taylor would take away the whole point of the podcast so I don’t think she would ever go on,” and another speculating, “[It will be] Adam Sandler since Travis keeps wearing his Happy Gilmore hat. It would be awesome to watch.”The brothers have previously welcomed family members and partners onto their show, with appearances from their mom Donna, dad Ed, and Jason’s wife Kylie throughout the past two seasons. Also, considering the Kelce brothers were recently seen in Los Angeles, where they dined out with Travis’s business manager, paired with the fact that Swift, 34, and Travis just took a huge step in their relationship by spending Easter together, the possibility of a feature isn’t that far-fetched. However, the true identity of the guest will remain a mystery until the episode’s release on Wednesday morning.

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