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sony playstation 5 slim coming to india on april 5 starts from rs 44990

Sony PlayStation 5 Slim coming to India on April 5, starts from Rs 44,990

Sony has announced that its latest gaming console – the PlayStation 5 Slim will be available in India from April 5 . The newly launched console packs the same hardware as the normal PlayStation 5 but comes offers increased storage. Available in both disc and disc-less versions, the PlayStation 5 Slim needs about 30 per cent less space and is 25 per cent lighter compared to the normal version. It comes with 1TB of internal storage, which can be expanded using external SSDs. Announced in October last year, the PlayStation 5 Slim was only available in the United States. It has the same design as the normal PlayStation 5 and allows users to convert the non-disc variant with a disc drive by replacing the side panel, but Sony has yet to share details about the availability of the add-on. While there is not much difference between the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Slim when it comes to looks, the latter comes with four side plates compared to the standard PlayStation 5’s two plates. One of these extra plates on the PlayStation 5 Slim is to fit in the detachable Blu-ray disc drive. The original model comes with one USB-C and one USB-A port while the Slim version sports two USB-C ports on the front. The PlayStation 5 Slim disc version is priced at Rs 54,990 whereas the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (disc-less version) can be purchased for Rs 44,990 from April 5 at both offline and online retailers.

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