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schoolboy says good looking maths teacher 30 told him his mother better not find out after

Schoolboy says ‘good looking’ maths teacher, 30, told him his mother ‘better not find out’ after…

A schoolboy told police that the morning after he allegedly had sex with his maths teacher, she warned him that his mother had ‘better not find out that it was me’. Boy A also said that after they had unprotected sex for a second time, he told his teacher: ‘I hope to God you don’t get pregnant.’ He said after she drove him to the Trafford Centre earlier in the day, Joynes bought him a Gucci belt which the court has heard cost £345. ‘It’s a lot of money,’ he told police in his video interview. ‘I didn’t really understand the reason why she did it.’ She then drove to her one-bed apartment, he said, recalling thinking it felt ‘a bit weird’ as they climbed the stairs. Initially Joynes dealt with a load of washing. Both then sat using their mobile phones before going into her darkened bedroom after he asked: ‘Are we going in there or staying in here?’ They started kissing before both stripped naked and he had sex with a ‘moaning’ Joynes on the bed. Boy A said having sex with his teacher seemed ‘weird’ and ‘just crazy’. It lasted about five minutes before he went and showered, he told police. However after lying in bed together talking about ‘random stuff’ – during which she warmed herself with a hairdryer because she felt cold and the radiator wasn’t working – they had sex again, he said. Boy A said it was ‘probably’ him who suggested having sex for a second time, saying Joynes replied: ‘I don’t mind, whatever you want.’ They did not discuss protection or contraception, he said, but afterwards he says he told Joynes: ‘I hope to God you don’t get pregnant.’ He said Joynes left early the next morning to spend the day with her parents, and that he awoke at about 11.30am to a missed call from his mother. Boy A said he told Joynes over Snapchat that his mother might become suspicious about where he had spent the night. He said the teacher replied: ‘She’d better not find out that it was me.’ Earlier jurors heard how the schoolboy had told police that ‘anyone in my position’ would have agreed to go back to their ‘good looking’ maths teacher’s apartment for sex. Rebecca Joynes’ appearance was ‘definitely’ the talk of pupils in her class, the boy said in a police interview played to jurors on the second day of the 30-year-old’s trial for sex offences. She allegedly went on to have sex with a second pupil around 30 times while on bail awaiting trial in relation to the first teenager, becoming pregnant by him and having his baby. Dressed in a white blouse, Joynes arrived to her trial with a pink baby bonnet tucked into her black trousers. It’s the second time she was pictured bringing the small item of children’s clothing into Manchester Crown Court, having taken it into the dock with her on Tuesday. Today she sat scribbled notes on a paper pad as jurors were told how the 15-year-old – referred to as Boy A – told a detective the pair had arranged to meet up after she told him the first ten digits of her mobile phone number. Boy A said he and his friends had previously jokingly pestered her for it and asked her if she was in a relationship. He tried calling each possible permutation for the final number as the Monday morning maths class went on, and when he reached four ‘I heard her phone go off’, he said. Boy A said his recollection was that he sent her a message that evening reading simply ‘Hi’, but got no response. At a maths lesson later in the week, Boy A said he sent her a further text along the lines of: ‘You ignored me.’ This time he said Joynes responded, and they began messaging ‘properly’, eventually arranging to meet up and go to her Salford Quays apartment after school on the Friday. Jurors were yesterday told that Joynes accepts picking Boy A up in her Audi, buying him a £345 Gucci belt from Selfridges in the Trafford Centre, and then taking him to her apartment where he stayed the night in October 2021. But she denies sexual activity took place. She also claims her sexual relationship with Boy B – which ended when she told him she was pregnant – only began after he had turned 16. Asked by the detective who Joynes was, Boy A replied: ‘She was my maths teacher.’ The teenager said Joynes was ‘obviously good-looking’, saying it was ‘definitely’ something he and his classmates talked about. ‘Before I even had her [as a teacher] everyone would be speaking about her, saying she’s good-looking, whatever,’ he added. Asked why he thought Joynes had given him all but one digit of her phone in class, Boy A replied: ‘It sounds as if she probably wanted me to message her. ‘That’s how it comes across.’ Boy A said he told a friend he was in contact with their teacher, and at his suggestion added her as a Snapchat contact because ‘messages delete’. But he said when Joynes first suggested meeting up, he replied ‘you’re deffo like joking’. However he said Joynes replied that she ‘literally wasn’t’ joking. Asked what he had expected to happen after she picked him up, Boy A replied: ‘To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that to happen, what happened. ‘I didn’t expect that to happen, but it did. ‘I feel like anyone in my position when we arranged to meet would – if you’re my age and in my year. ‘She is good-looking.’ He said after school on the Friday he packed ‘my stuff to stay over – shorts, T-shirt, sliders, clean underwear’ before she collected him from a row of shops in her white Audi. Later, the court heard how Joynes allegedly told Boy A ‘oh shut up’ when he told her ‘I’m not old enough’. The conversation is alleged to have happened during a trip in Joynes’ car and was revealed during an interview with police. Boy A an officer about a conversation on the journey and said: ‘She said something about driving. I went, ‘I wouldn’t know because I’m not old enough,’ and she said, ‘Oh shut up’ laughing, said something like, ‘Stop saying that’ but laughing.’ Joynes denies two counts of sexual activity with Boy A, two counts of sexual activity with Boy B, and two counts of sexual activity with Boy B while being a person in a position of trust. The two-week trial continues.

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