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rude and tacky bride slammed over detail in wedding invite ridiculous

‘Rude and tacky’ bride slammed over detail in wedding invite: ‘Ridiculous’

A bride-to-be has been called ‘tacky’ and ‘rude’ for planning to ask guests to pay for their meal at her wedding. The woman sought advice in a popular Facebook group and posted a photo of the invite sample ahead of the big day. In addition to the RSVP, guests were asked to clarify if they’d be eating and if so, to select a meal they prefer. The price of each meal was also included: $20 for grilled chicken with rice, mashed potatoes and green beans and $25 for a salmon alternative. ‘We invite you to eat with us but ask for you to provide your own payment. Please select which meal you’d prefer,’ the invite stated. The sample RSVP invite read: ‘We invite you to eat with us but ask for you to provide your own payment. Please select which meal you’d prefer’ ‘My wedding venue requires me to purchase food through them to for the reception, but has said people sometimes choose this option,’ the woman wrote on Facebook. ‘Nothing about my reception is very typical anyway, SO I’m wondering how insane or rude or cost-effective/smart. ‘The planner set me this as an example of how to present it to guests.’ But when the post was quickly criticised by others, the bride clarified the event was more of a ‘fun dinner party’ rather than a ‘wedding’ as she and her partner had already legally married five months prior. ‘Ultimately I’ll do what I want BUT I did not choose this option. It was only a suggestion from the venue that I was curious about others opinion on,’ she added. ‘This is for the reception. I’m most definitely not asking for money or gifts and by the time they come to the reception, we will have already been married for five months. ‘There’s also an option to raise the venue fee and NOT offer any food, which we may actually do. ‘We’ve funded everything involved, including the DJ, activities (DJ booth, props, lighting, décor, etc.). It’s definitely more of a fun dinner party than anything formal.’ The bride was slammed for considering asking guests to pay for their food at her wedding (stock image) The post was shared in another wedding shaming Facebook group and critiqued by dozens. ‘Oh hell no! This is completely tacky!’ one wrote, another said: ‘So she asks if it is rude then gets offended when people say it’s rude?’ ‘I am a veteran pro planner and would NEVER suggest this!’ another said. Someone else wrote: ‘I’m especially shaming the venue for suggesting that people often pawn off the cost of dinner to their guests. Encouraging rude behaviour.’ One more added: ‘If I received this invitation I’d select “decline with” and cross out the “regret” and write “pleasure”. There would be no regrets about missing this. I’d rather spend the money to take myself out to a nice dinner of my choice.’ ‘Fun dinner party with no food?’ another questioned. READ MORE: I couldn’t understand why my ‘best friend’ dumped me as a bridesmaid and banned me from her wedding – then I heard a disgusting rumour about me from the hen’s party

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