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rte viewers left confused as wrong keys to my life episode airs

RTE viewers left confused as wrong Keys To My Life episode airs

RTE viewers were left confused this evening as a different episode of Keys To My Life than the one advertised, aired on RTE One. Joan Burton had been advertised as the subject of tonight’s episode, with the broadcaster releasing clips of the episode in the run up to tonight. However, viewers didn’t get what they were expecting as Peter McVerry was the subject of the show tonight. Read more:Tommy Tiernan Show viewers noticed a major change to the programme last night They took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to ask what had happened. “What happened to the advertised episode,” asked one viewer. Another joked: “Reckon someone in #RTE pressed the wrong button tonight or Joan Burton has changed a lot.” “Looks like @RTEOne put the wrong tape in cos it’s Peter McVerry tonight,” another pointed out. Another said: “Where’s Joan? It’s showing Peter McVerry?” “It’s Peter mc Verry ! Where’s Joan,” another said. “Very disappointed, thought this was on tonight, gone back on the player and can’t find it either!!” another complained. At the end of the programme, the continuity announcer shared that Joan Burton’s episode will air next Sunday. In the episode tonight, presenter Brendan Courtney walked through the life of Father Peter McVerry, from his background in chemistry teaching to him becoming a priest and opening up a hostel to help homeless people in Dublin. They visited the first hostel Peter ever opened up, as he explained: “In 1979, we got this house and we opened it up as a small hostel. This is where it all began.” Speaking about a fair and just Ireland today, Peter said: “I think it’s slow. Things do improve, but they improve slowly. Much too slowly.” “Peter McVerry is a truly impressive man. Born into privilege and highly intelligent, he could have chosen a comfortable life but instead chose one dedicated to helping the most disadvantaged people in Dublin,” praised one viewer. Another said: “A remarkable man Fr Peter McVerry. His kindness and steadfast determination for fairness is [heart emoji].”

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