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only those with genius level iq can figure out which coin will land in bottom of bucket

Only those with ‘genius level IQ’ can figure out which coin will land in bottom of bucket

While it’s good to get out and about for exercise – even if it is a five minute walk – it’s also important to stimulate the brain. There are three types of illusions – literal, physiological and cognitive – and each of them are a great way to test your level of intelligence. Not only that, but it’s a great way to boost your memory. So if you’re up for a brainteaser, this is one you should try. And to make it even harder, there’s a catch – you only have four seconds to work it out. Yes, just four. The puzzle, created by Jagran Josh, shows two buckets filled with water. One at a temperature of 25C and one at a temperature of 25F. The question is that if you dropped a coin into both buckets at the same time, which would hit the bottom first? Although it sounds simple enough, it takes some logical thinking, putting your quick thinking skills to the test. But if you look at the image carefully, it’s designed to trick you. Here’s a hint from the Mirror, it can’t be both. If you haven’t already guessed it, the four seconds is probably (very likely) up. The answers are below. So if you haven’t yet guessed it and want to, don’t read any more until you’re ready. Congratulations if you chose the bucket with the water temperature of 25C. If you didn’t get it, don’t worry – we’re about to explain why this is the right answer. The reason for this is because the coin going into the bucket with the 25C water will reach the bottom as the water will still be in a liquid state. The water in the bucket at 25F will have frozen. If you want to put your brain to the test again, try spotting the woman’s face in this optical illusion which can only be seen by ‘people with high IQs’. If you want another challenge, why not try spotting three women in this brainteaser. At first glance it might just look like a side-profile of a man with a beard. Take a closer look and there’s actually three women in the image. Don’t miss the latest news from around Scotland and beyond. Sign up to our daily newsletter .

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