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nycs portal to dublin will shut down again due to viewers inappropriate behavior

NYC’s portal to Dublin will shut down again due to viewers’ ‘inappropriate behavior’

Irish American New Yorker Jenna McGeehen, who works nearby and stopped to see the portal on her lunch break, said that between the 9/11 photograph and the bare chest, she assumed that the installation was shut down due to the nudity. “That doesn’t seem like the appropriate reason,” McGeehen said. “Honestly, being topless in New York City is legal, so.” (Women have been allowed to go topless in the city since 1992.) Midtown resident and influencer Bethany Kim had come to meet a friend in Dublin in real time. She was carrying an acai bowl from a major chain, as well as a handwritten sign promoting it. After locating her friend on the Dublin side, the two made repeated attempts to film a TikTok transition, tapping their bowls together across the screen. The low video resolution and time lag on the feed made filming difficult. “We had this whole plan, but it’s not working,” Kim said. “The video quality is really bad.” The installation is the brainchild of Lithuanian artist and investor Benediktas Gylys, who launched the first portals in May 2021, connecting Vilnius, Lithuania, to Lublin, Poland. “The Portals team and our partners in Dublin are working on additional solutions to limit such behavior appearing on the livestream,” the Flatiron Nomad BID’ statement said.

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