NW200 star Alastair Seeley shares shock retirement dilemma as ‘mad’ situation continues

webnexttech | NW200 star Alastair Seeley shares shock retirement dilemma as 'mad' situation continues
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North West 200 record holder Alastair Seeley says “it is mad” that he still hasn’t got a ride for this season – admitting he could consider retirement if nothing materialises in 2024.Seeley finished third in the British Superstock championship and secured two more wins at the North West last year.
The Carrick rider – who rode for TAS Racing in the 2023 BSB series – says it is frustrating that he hasn’t secured a new team ahead of a new campaign on the roads and circuits.
Read more: Neil Lennon’s ‘pride’ at political shift in NI as he reflects on death threat He told the BBC: “”I could understand if we had a bad season in 2023, where I went to BSB and didn’t cut it.
Then I could say it’s not for me anymore or I’m over the hill.
“But to finish third in the championship with 10 podiums, go to the North West and set three pole positions, win two races and have four podiums including two seconds, and then to be sitting here with nothing, is frustrating.
“It is mad, isn’t it?
It is baffling and I just can’t get my head around it.” Seeley – who has 29 wins at the North West – said he would reluctantly have to consider retirement if he can’t secure a ride for this season.
The ‘Wee Wizard’ said: “I haven’t said I’m going to retire, but I suppose you would be looking at age and stuff and if I had a bad season it would be on my mind a lot more.
“But to have such a good year and be in this situation of being on the edge of having to think about it, that’s what makes it so mind-boggling.
“I feel if I don’t get the right machinery, team, package and infrastructure then that probably will be the next scenario.
“To not compete and say that’s us over, being so successful, and cut ties with the place…I don’t know, it’s mad.” Seeley says he has made contact with the teams he would like to ride for at this year’s North West 200.
The 44-year-old says he wants a “good package” behind him so he can compete with the top factory teams and riders around the Triangle circuit.
He said: “It’s strange, I feel like I could still do a good job at the North West.
The speed is still there and the want is still there.
“It’s just I need to put something in concrete so I can train hard, now we are only four months away from the North West.
“I’ve contacted the teams I would like to ride for.
For being there and riding for the Premier League teams, or factory teams, and also lesser machinery, you need to be on the good stuff up there.
“For me, I feel that it’s easier to jump into a lesser team but you are going to have to ride the wheels off it.
“I wouldn’t want to put myself in jeopardy to make up time if the machinery wasn’t giving it to me.
“I’m holding out and hoping we can go with some of the bigger teams but most of them have their riders signed, so I don’t know.
I want a good package and a good team behind me.” Sign up to our free sports newsletter to get the latest headlines to your inbox

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