Number of contracts between Moscow and foreign tourism industries triples over year

webnexttech | Number of contracts between Moscow and foreign tourism industries triples over year
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MOSCOW, January 24./TASS/.
Representatives of the Moscow tourism industry concluded about 2,500 international contracts with colleagues from other countries in 2023, which is three times more than a year earlier, the press service of the capital’s tourism committee reported.
“Representatives of the capital’s tourism industry visited 10 countries on business missions in 2023, conducted study tours of Moscow for four foreign delegations and took part in 15 international industry exhibitions.
The active interaction with colleagues from other countries resulted in conclusion of about 2,500 international contracts, which is three times more than a year earlier,” the statement says.
According to deputy mayor of the capital, Natalya Sergunina, whose words are quoted in the statement, as part of the business missions, Moscow’s tourism potential was presented in 14 cities around the world, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou (China), Mumbai and Kolkata (India) and Kuala Lumpur (Malasia).
For the first time, Moscow travel agencies entered the markets of Bahrain, Qatar and Iran.
In particular, during a visit to Jakarta (Indonesia), a cooperation agreement was signed by domestic and local tour operators.
The first group tours under the agreement will be organized in February.
In total, 9,000 business negotiations took place in 2023 with the participation of representatives of hotels, tour operators, travel agencies and relevant departments.
The number of meetings has increased by 50% compared to 2022.
“When preparing the presentations, the characteristics of each region and the portrait of a local tourist were taken into account.
For example, colleagues from Indonesia and Malaysia were introduced to the New Year celebration program in Moscow.
In the Middle East, the emphasis was placed, in particular, on high-class hotels and on the variety of capital brands of designer clothing.
Issues related to air travel and visa policy were discussed separately,” Sergunina said.
The press service clarified that thanks to the business missions, it was possible not only to conclude promising contracts, but also to launch new international projects.
In the spring, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Russian capital and the Indian Association of MICE agencies (NIMA).
The key project as part of this cooperation is the training program for Moscow ambassadors in India.
The first 50 participants have already completed their training.
It is expected that the work done in 2023 will lead to a significant increase in external tourist flows, the statement says.

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