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no rigging but few anomalies ecp

No rigging but few anomalies: ECP

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Monday refuted allegations pertaining to rigging during the February 8 general elections, acknowledging the occurrence of a few irregularities,. In a statement, the electoral watchdog acknowledged that it does not deny the occurrence of a few irregularities and that relevant forms were available for investigation. “Immediate decisions are being taken on complaints filed,” it added. However, the election commission said, the electoral process was peacefully organised despite ‘difficulties and issues’. The ECP noted that conducting the elections smoothly was a ‘major operation’ which was completed successfully. Referring to the delay in election results, the election commission said that the suspension of mobile services on February 8 created some hindrances in the sending of electronic data by presiding officers (POs). Pakistan witnessed a countrywide shutdown of internet and cellular phone services on Feb 8 during the polling process with the authorities attributing the move “to maintain law and order” in the wake of the violence. The ECP said that the move had severely affected coordination and transport of election material. According to the election commission, the first result of elections 2024 was received at 2am compared to the 2018 election result which was received at 4am.

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