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new glasgow brazilian sunday roast special set to entice diners missing viva brasil

New Glasgow Brazilian Sunday Roast special set to entice diners missing Viva Brasil

A city centre restaurant has just launched a new Sunday special that is sure to have diners missing Viva Brasil knocking on their doors. El Santo, the vibrant Latin American restaurant on Miller Street, has announced the launch of its new Sunday Rodizio BBQ, offering a shared dining experience with an extensive selection of expertly chargrilled meats and accompanying sides. The team say Brazilian dead chef, Julianna JuKipper will introduce a selection of premium meats prepared in traditional Brazilian style, alongside an array of complementary sauces that will “tantalize the taste buds”. Priced at £38.95 per person, the experience includes unlimited meat from a choice of twelve options including beef, pork, lamb and chicken, as well as unlimited sides from a choice of six, and unlimited accompanying sauces from four tempting options. READ MORE: Glasgow to star on Netflix’s Somebody Feed Phil as star enjoys dinner with Julie Lin READ MORE: The independent bring-your-own-bottle pottery painting studio taking Glasgow by storm The special also includes a classic Caipirinha cocktail, or a mocktail equivalent. Guests can enjoy the meat at their own pace by using an innovative slider (which switches from red to green and back) to control the flow of meat to their plate. By turning it to green, the “passadores”, or South American meat chefs, will bring out skewers of freshly prepared meats one by one, whilst turning the slider to red will indicate a resting point. Usually served medium rare to medium, El Santo’s skilled chefs are happy to cook the cut to any diners preferred taste. The authentic selection of Brazilian-style side dishes, brought to the table on request to complement the meal, include arroz (rice), Batata Frita (potato chips) garlic bread, Farofa (Cassava Flour), Mayo Salad with Potato and Veg, and Feijoada (Black Bean Stew). “As we continue to celebrate all things Brazilian in February here at El Santo, we are delighted to launch what is a fantastic, and very authentic, South American BBQ experience for our diners, regular and new,” said head chef Julianna JuKipper. “We have included a premium selection of meats, cut in the traditional Brazilian way – from Picanha, which is the Cap of the Rump, to Tri-Tip, which is the Bottom Sirloin, to Costello which are succulent beef ribs. “We also have a delicious cut of smoked pork with pineapple chilli jam, lamb chops with oregano, or Brazilian sausage – truly something for everyone. “If you’re a sauce lover, you can choose from chimichurri, peppercorn, garlic chilli butter, or vinaigrette. Or leave your meat plain, the choice is yours. What is so special about Rodizio is that it’s a very personal way of eating as you dictate the pace and the choices entirely.” Juliana finished by saying he thought Rodizio would be very popular on a Sunday, “as it’s a relaxing day for friends and family to come together, enjoying and sharing delicious food.” Join Glasgow Live’s WhatsApp community here and get the latest news sent straight to your messages. Sign up to our daily Glasgow Live newsletter here to receive news and features direct to your inbox

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