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nedc plans waste recycling plant

NEDC plans waste recycling plant

The North-East Development Commission, on Monday, said it would establish a waste recycling plant to combat climate change and environmental degradation. The plant, the commission said, would recycle waste materials such as disposable plastic containers, plastic bottles and polythene bags. The commission’s consultant on waste management and recycling, Dr Zainab Challube, said this during a five-day training on waste recycling in Maiduguri on Monday. She said, “The proposal for the establishment of the plant is already on the table. The commission is refining the proposal to facilitate its actualisation. “We have realised that we should no more be nonchalant about issues bordering on the environment and climate change. “We should rather learn to recycle waste in our environment to make it habitable.” She also said the commission was training about 100 participants in recycling waste plastic materials and other recyclables.

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