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musks x to fight esafety over order to remove harmful post

Musk’s X to fight eSafety over order to remove harmful post

X plans to file a legal challenge against the office of the eSafety Commissioner, after the Elon Musk owned social network was ordered to remove a harmful post attacking an Australian queer health expert. The request was made last week regarding a post vilifying trans rights activist Teddy Cook, who is director of community health at NSW health organisation ACON. Anti-trans commentators on X had taken notice of the Australian following of an article about his involvement in a World Health Organisation panel on transgender issues. The article, published by the Daily Mail, suggested Cook was “too smutty” for intergovernmental work. The specific post that attracted the attention of the eSafety Commissioner was made by Chris Elston, known on X as Billboard Chris, who has more than 400,000 followers. His nickname comes from his practice of travelling the world wearing billboards featuring anti-trans slogans. In the post, Elston pointedly misgendered and insulted Cook, equated transgender identity with mental illness, and linked to the Daily Mail article. X confirmed it had complied with an order from the eSafety commissioner to hide the post from Australian viewers, but Elston and other X users posted about the regulatory action, many sharing screen grabs of Elston’s post, ensuring the offending material was more widely viewable in Australia than ever.

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