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mum left terrified to drive £15000 car after it keeps breaking down

Mum left ‘terrified’ to drive £15,000 car after it keeps breaking down

A working mum-of-two was left ‘terrified’ to drive her £15,700 car after it broke down in the middle of East Lancs Road during rush hour. Lyndsey Anderson thought she was buying “a big, safe, reliable car” when she got the Ford Focus from Peoples Ford in Bootle, in July 2022. But after eight call-outs from the AA, she realised it wasn’t. Lyndsey, from Fazakerley, Merseyside, says her nightmare ride even stopped in the middle of a busy road during rush hour. Now, the 40 year old has received “sincere apologies” from the dealership, who said they said they are doing “a thorough investigation” to find out why the car keeps breaking down, reports Lancs Live. READ MORE: ‘He never deserved to die. I regret this every single day; I am truly, truly sorry’ She said every few months since she got the car, warning lights have come on the dashboard, before it would go completely black and the car would stop. she has taken the car back to the dealership three times in the past five months, but despite repairs, the car continues to break down for no clear reason. Lyndsey claims has had to call the AA eight times since she bought the car, adding each time it happens, she said her “stomach is in knots”. The working mum explained that she needs her car to take her two young sons around, one of whom is eight and the other is three-and-a-half with special needs. She also uses it to help her parents who depend on her for lifts. In February the mum said she “thought we were all going to be killed” after her Ford Focus cut out completely on the busy East Lancs Road during the 5pm rush hour. Lyndsey, who had her mum and toddler in the car at the time said: “The car completely lost power. The hazard lights didn’t work. We just stopped right there in the middle lane in heavy traffic. Cars were overtaking us, beeping at us.” “I thought we were all going to be killed. I called the AA and I was hysterical on the phone. My mum was getting really scared too. They told me they could be there in an hour and that we’d have to get out of the car to safety.” “But there were cars and buses and HGVs going past so we couldn’t get out.” Thankfully, Lyndsey remembered a tip given from the AA man on a previous call out She activated the car’s emergency release and managed to get the vehicle off the busy road. They were able to wait safely for the recovery van to arrive. When she took the car back to Peoples Ford following the incident, she claims she was told by the dealership there were no company cars available for her that day. Now, only a few weeks on from her East Lancashire ordeal, the car is back in garage once again. Lyndsey said she feels trapped by the situation. She said: “Now I’m stuck with a car I’m terrified to drive. I don’t want the car back. “I need to do motorway driving and I just don’t want to risk it.” In February, Peoples Ford dealership reportedly offered to give her £9,000 for the car. If she accepted this offer, Lyndsey would only be able to afford to buy a significantly older car. That was what she was trying to avoid doing when she bought her Ford Focus. However, when the ECHO contacted Peoples Ford this week about Lyndsey’s case, the company recognised the mum’s predicament and swiftly apologised to her. They provided her with an upgrade to her courtesy car, which they said she can use “for as long as she needs”, and offered her a full tank of petrol. The dealership says it is “conducting a thorough investigation to understand the root cause of the repeated faults”. Regarding the offer to buy back Lyndsey’s car, Peoples Ford says it is “open to further discussions to explore solutions that better meet her needs and expectations”. A spokesperson for Peoples Ford said: “First and foremost, I wish to express our sincere apologies to Ms. Anderson for the distress and inconvenience she has experienced. At Peoples Ford, we understand the critical importance of reliability and safety in the vehicles we provide, especially for customers who rely on their car for essential family and caregiver responsibilities. “We are taking Ms. Anderson’s situation very seriously and are committed to finding a resolution that restores her confidence in our products and services. Regarding the technical issues Ms. Anderson has faced with her Ford Focus, we are currently conducting a thorough investigation to understand the root cause of the repeated faults. Ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We are dedicated to resolving any technical issues with the highest level of care and urgency. Having been a part of the Liverpool community for the best part of 30 years, we do not take the trust and custom of our community for granted.” “We deeply value our relationship with the people of Liverpool and are committed to contributing positively to the community that has supported us for so long.” Peoples Ford takes great pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. “We view this as an opportunity to learn and improve our service further. Whilst we strive to exceed expectations in customer satisfaction, we acknowledge that we do not always get things right.” “When we fall short, we are absolutely committed to making things right, learning from our experiences and implementing the necessary changes to prevent similar issues in the future.”

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